Recycled Fleece Guide

Comfort and practicality in hiking clothes is key. But what about the sustainability factor? That’s where our recycled fleeces come in. Made from old plastic bottles, our recycled fleeces provide you with a super soft mid-layer, insulation and peace of mind – as you’ll be doing your bit to help protect the planet just by wearing it. Want to find out more? Learn how we make our recycled fleece from recycled plastic bottles, how it helps the environment and more, below. 

How We Make Our Fleece From Recycled Plastic Bottles

So, how is our sustainable fleece made? Here are the key steps in the process of turning plastic bottles into an environmentally friendly fleece:

  1. We shred the plastic bottles. Before shredding, the bottles are sterilised and sorted into colour groups. Next, the bottles are shredded to ensure that there is no liquid remaining inside – as this could have a negative impact on the plastic, and then the fleece. 
  2. The shredded bottles are melted. In order to bond the pieces of plastic together, the shredded bottles are then melted at a temperature above 250°C until they form a liquid. Once melted, the liquid is left to harden and become a syrupy consistency.
  3. The plastic substance is pulled to make fibres and threads. When the plastic has reached the desired level of hardness, it is ready to be made into threads. To do this, we force the substance through a metal sieve and, once exposed to air, it solidifies into multiple threads.
  4. The threads and fibres are prepped for knitting. The threads are wound around a warm spool before drawing. This process makes the fibres strong and durable for years of wear. After drawing, the threads are shrunk in order to make them soft to touch, and then dried to form a similar consistency to wool.
  5. The threads are woven into an environmentally friendly fleece. Once all the steps above have been completed, the threads are dyed into a selection of different colours and knitted to form our classic recycled fleece.

How Does Our Sustainable Fleece Help The Environment?

Now you know how we make our fleece from recycled plastic bottles, it’s important that you understand its environmental impact. The most significant factor is the number of plastic bottles that we have prevented from ending up in landfill. Discover more on how our recycled fleeces help contribute to saving our planet below:

  • By the end of 2016, we saved over 5 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfill. And the number is still rising rapidly.
  • Compared to making fleece with new polyester, using recycled materials reduces energy consumption by 30%.
  • Each recycled fleece we make contains 8 plastic bottles.

The Types Of Recycled Fleece We Make

Our recycled fleece collection allows everyone to be sustainable in their buying habits. Whether you’re looking for something to brighten up your outdoor wardrobe, or just need a simple, yet snug mid-layer – we’ve got your back. Here are the types of recycled fleece you’ll find online:

Sustainable Fleece

On the hunt for a sustainable fleece with a classic look? Our simple Corey fleece is ideal. It’s lightweight, insulating and easy to care for at the same time. Simply layer up in the colder months with a waterproof jacket, or wear as a lightweight outer layer during the spring and summer.

Recycled Fleece Jacket

Or, choose from a selection of recycled fleece jackets. A full zip allows you to remain unrestricted and versatile on your adventures, tailoring the level of warmth to your exact requirements. What’s more, our recycled fleece jackets come with secure zipped pockets too. That way, you can keep your valuables safely stowed away without having to worry about losing anything.

Explore the world with a lighter conscience, when wearing our recycled fleece. And continue to warm yourself up, instead of the planet. For more information on how to protect the environment through your wardrobe, check out our sustainable clothing guide.


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