Your ultimate destination kit guide
At Craghoppers we have spent the last 50 years making travel and outdoor clothing that is designed to be comfortable as well as offering outstanding performance, when and where you need it most. So whether you're heading for tropical climes or embarking on an outdoor adventure closer to home, packing smart and finding your perfect clothing just got a whole lot easier.
Pick your destination
Cold and dry
Antarctica to the Canadian slopes - whether you're winding down at the end of the day, sightseeing in a frost or travelling into the unknown pack the right insulation without the necessary weight, with winter lined legwear and super efficient layers.
Hot and dry
Hot and Dry - Southern Europe to an African safari - if you are looking for some real winter sun over the coming months you need to pack light and pack right. Stay cool and stay protected with our UPF40+ sun protective clothing.
Cold and wet
Cold and Wet - UK and Europe - hitting the fells or combing european markets? Guarantee day-long warmth and comfort with our classic kiwi range, featuring versatile layers for walking, lightweight fleece and emergency waterproofs.
Hot and wet
Hot and Wet - South East Asia to Latin America - if you are going tropical let your body breathe in performance fabrics and ward-off serious insect-borne disease with our nosilife insect repellent clothing.
"Packing smart and finding the right gear just got a whole lot easier"
- Jim McNamara, CEO Craghoppers