Polar regions can only be found in two places on the earth – The Arctic and the Antarctic.

Although millions of people live in the Arctic, there are no permanent inhabitants in the Antarctic. The lower polar continent has 98% of its surface covered by ice and snow and temperatures there can reach as low as -89’c.

The extremely cold and windy landscape of both continents makes it hard for any vegetation to grow. Most animals who inhabit these areas are carnivores, such as the Polar bear, Narwhal and Walrus. Towns in Northern Europe, Russia and Canada that enter the Arctic Circle often have guards on lookout to prevent polar bear attacks on people, so care must be taken when travelling to these zones.

Places in this climate zone:

  • The Arctic
  • Antarctic
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Ambassador Focus:

David Love

We have worked with David for a numberof years now, providing him kit for many expeditions as a professional Mountaineer and Expedition Leader. Recently he took a small team to Norway to summit the two highest points in Norway - Glittertind and Galdhoppigen in the Jotunheimen National Park. The sub-zero temperatures put our kit to the test.

Key Kit:

  • Merino Wool Baselayers
  • Expolite Jacket
  • Trelawney Waterproof Jacket
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