Are the little ones raring to go? Whether you’re heading on a family expedition or they’re off on a school trip, choose children’s outdoor clothing from Craghoppers. For the utmost protection on all their adventures, dress them up in our children’s outdoor clothing. Keep them ready for action whilst wrapped up in cosy insulating layers, including waterproofs, versatile and with our collection of children’s outdoor wear.

Our range of children’s outdoor clothing is expertly designed to withstand any bumps or scrapes. Engineered with waterproof and sun protective fabrics, your little explorers will be protected from whatever the weather throws at them. Whether you’re heading off on an adventure in Great Britain with unpredictable weather, or exploring more tropical climes with glorious heat, our range of children’s hiking gear will ensure that their expedition isn’t ruined by sudden downpours or uncomfortable humidity.

At Craghoppers, we know that pint-sized adventures love to explore the great outdoors. That’s why our range of children’s outdoor clothing is designed to be durable, so they can run through puddles, scramble up mountains, and dash through forests with guaranteed peace of mind for you. Our children’s outdoor waterproof clothing is guaranteed to reliably guard tender skin and keep your little ones warm, or cool, so they can focus on the really important things, like beating you up that hill! Explore our full selection of children’s outdoor clothing to kit them out for the great outdoors.

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Prepare the little ones for when the temperature drops and the adventures begin with our children’s outdoor wear. Wrap them up in an insulating kids’ coat, paired with a fluffy kids’ fleece to keep out the cold. From jackets and coats to t-shirts, gilets and trousers, our selection of children’s hiking clothes has it all. Shop our girls’ and boys’ outdoor clothing so your kids are prepared on their next outdoor adventures.

Hill, trail and playground ready, find lightweight, travel-ready, children’s outdoor wear designed with your youngsters in mind. Pop your lightweight children’s outdoor clothing easily into your backpack, ready to take out when the weather takes a turn, or pack it away when the sun starts shining. Team their kids’ waterproof jacket with trousers and t-shirts from our children’s outdoor clothing collection, making sure that playtime never has to end.


Protect them from the elements in children’s outdoor clothing from our diverse collection. Thanks to our children’s outdoor waterproof clothing, you can let the end of playtime due to unwieldly weather become a thing of the past. With our children’s hiking clothes, keep them warm and dry whilst on their outdoor adventures. Tested to extreme conditions, let your young ones run wild and free with super-lightweight technology, perfect for combatting any weather.

Prepare for every adventure with our children’s outdoor clothing wear range. With specially designed AquaDry Rain Defence, our collection of children’s outdoor waterproof clothing is designed and made with a combination of waterproof and breathable fabrics. This delivers guaranteed levels of protection and comfort. Additionally, the outer fabric is treated with a durable water repellent finish to keep it drier for longer. That means your little explorers can scramble across that puddle or stream, or continue that wonderful hike without worrying about becoming cold or too damp. With waterproof, breathable, taped steams and watertight construction, our range of children’s outdoor waterproof clothing is there to prevent spoiled adventures.


Don’t forget to keep those pesky bugs and insects at bay with help from our NosiLife fabric engineered into our children’s hiking gear. Find children’s hiking clothes fitted with our highly effective anti-insect technology, ready to combat any pesky mosquitos. Wave goodbye to worrying about bugs and say hello to care-free exploration for the whole family. Our children’s hiking clothes not only help to battle bugs, but also protect against harmful UV rays from the sun. We have sun protective clothing for kids in a variety of products, so don’t let sun burn ruin your children’s summer and browse our sun protective children’s hiking clothes today.

Our ranges of girls’ and boys’ outdoor clothing come in a variety of styles and colours. For a more relaxed look for school, try our black children’s outdoor wear. Or for a more personalised touch on their adventures, let your little explorers choose from a range of colours in our children’s hiking clothes, including dusty coral, blackcurrant, and Poseidon blue – helping you spot them from a distance when they wander off to explore.

Found the perfect children’s outdoor clothing for your little ones? Simply buy online with us today. Once the kids are sorted, discover our extensive range of outdoor clothing for men and women too.