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Craghoppers is a family business built on a strongly believed set of values which is at the heart of everything that we do.

We deeply believe that honesty, courtesy and respect are essential to all the decisions we make, wherever that may be – with customers, colleagues and the workers in our factories.

The Honesty Project focuses on creating fantastic product, which has been thoughtfully engineered for the great outdoors and in doing so will hopefully enhance the lives of those touched by our business.

We are not perfect yet, but we are striving to be committed to honesty and transparency in everything we do, every step of the way.

The Honesty Project identifies two key strategic areas to tackle the challenges we face to achieve our ambitious plans.

  • We offer a holistic approach to address issues surrounding our people and our products.
  • We have nurtured partnerships with international governing bodies to ensure that we continually measure and define our policies against industry standards.