Warmth Rating

Our warmth rating system is designed to explain the insulating properties of our jackets, when worn as part of a technical layering system.

OPTIMUMOptimum insulation for extreme conditions at a temperature range of approximately
32°F/ -4°F
ENHANCEDEnhanced performance for colder climes at a temperature range of approximately
50°F / 23°F
REGULARInsulating warmth for every day comfort at a temperature range of approximately
59°F / 41°F

There is a big misconception that heavier means warmer, this is not the case with modern fabrics.

Multiple layers trap more air than one single bulky layer and give more flexibility to regulate body heat by adding or removing layers as you heat up or cool down.

It is worth remembering that everybody will experience cold differently and dependent on activity and exposure time, what suits one person may not work for another.