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The Craghoppers Film Prize

The Craghoppers Film Prize, which is awarded as part of the Discover Film Awards, celebrates the very best talent of student and emerging short filmmakers from around the world. It includes two student short film prizes of £1,000 each. One will go to the Best UK Student and one will go to the Best International Student.

Other major cash prizes are up for grabs at the autumn festival

Investing in the arts

In 2018, Craghoppers were looking for their next new adventure and started exploring ways they could support the arts and emerging new talent. Partnering with the Discover Film Awards, the Craghoppers Film Prize was created to offer the largest cash prize in the world to short filmmakers. Short films can be defined as anything under 40 minutes, and spans all genres. Alongside this, short films are also the fastest growing medium in filmmaking – and unfortunately the most underfunded.

This initiative encourages the next generation of filmmakers to create thrilling new content for emerging digital platforms.

This bold new initiative will grow year on year, making the Craghoppers Film Prize one of the most coveted accolades within the international film community, - associating the Craghoppers name with quality, innovation and creativity.

Short films. Big Ambitions.

Due to Covid 19, the film festivals were sadly postponed. However, our two student winners were selected for 2021 and have been awarded their Craghoppers Film Festival prizes.

Looking ahead, the ultimate Craghoppers Film Prize will be up for grabs at the October 2021 Discover Film Awards in London. Entries will be shortlisted from all award entrants from 2020 and 2021, and our cash prizes will be shared with those deserving winners.

In the Craghoppers Film Prize, the first place filmmaker is awarded with £20,000 in cash, while second place takes £5,000 in cash.

There’s also an additional award of £5,000 for the Best Social Impact film.

5 exclusive cash prizes totalling £34,000 will be awarded

In addition, Craghoppers will be supporting UK students currently studying filmmaking in selected colleges and universities, and will be seeking out future ambassadors for the brand. Looking for more? Find out about the previous winners of the Craghoppers Film Prize.

Garden Party
Director: Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Claire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro
Last Dates
Director: Ben Mallaby
Producer: Tom Payne, Alex Wilson
The Lost Scot
Director: Julien Cornwall
Producer: Julien Cornwall, Eliot Gelberg-Wilson, Ash Teague
Director: Kenneth O’Toole
Producer: Darran Baba, Kenneth O’Toole
Game Changer
Director: Aviv Mano
Tony and the Bull
Director: John McFarlane
Producer: Geraldine Geraghty