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Showcasing the best talent in short film

Laboratory Conditions
Director: Jocelyn Stamat
Producer: Joe Russell
The Gunfighter
Director: Eric Kissack
Producer: Chris Northup & Sarah Platt
Director: Matt Huntley
Producer: Simon Sanderson
My Sun. My Moon.
Director: Shaya Mulcahy
Producer: Shaya Mulcahy & Micheal Reilly
End of the Line
Director: Jessica Sanders
Producer: Jessica Sanders & Louise Shore
F**ing Drama
Director: Michael Podogil
Producer: Lukas Zweng
My Big White Thighs & Me
Director: Hannah Maia
Producer: Maia Media
Director: Nick Hayes
Producer: Adam Hayes
The Good Fight
Director: Ben Holman
Producer: Hermeti Balarin
Where Monster Hides
Director: Fernando Rivera
Producer: Fernando Rivera
Happy Birthday to Me
Director: Michael Reilly
Producer: Michael Reilly, Angelica Zollo, Eddie K. Robinson, Santa Jhankar, Shaya Mulcahy & Stuart Valberg
My First Time
Director: Asaf Livni
Producer: Udi Efrat

As an international outdoor travel clothing brand, Craghoppers enables people to live their story. But now Craghoppers is about people telling a story... in a short film. If you've a camera, if you've a short, wonderful story to tell, then this is your platform.

We celebrated our first winners in April and October 2018 and then again in 2019. Our winning students will be awarded their prizes for 2020 and we will celebrate with all winners in 2021.

This is what happened to film students producer Lukas Zweng and director Michael Podogil who were behind the first winning film F***ing Drama in the student category, announced in April.

"We were really thrilled when our film was announced as the winner. It was such a big honour to be chosen from such a strong selection."

F***ing Drama was also selected by the BAFTA Student Film Awards.

Lukas and Michael are students at the Film Academy in Vienna and they have already invested their Craghoppers £2,000 prize into their next project - another short film which they intend to start shooting in February 2019.

"Michael and I want to continue making short films. We have had a lot of success with this movie and have been able to travel around the world to talk to people about it."

  • AW18 New Arrivals
Watch the Award Winning F***ing Drama Trailer below