Women’s Insect Repellent Clothing

Biting bugs putting a dampener on your weekend away? Let pesky bug bites be a thing of the past as you gear up in Insect Shield clothing from Craghoppers. Browse through our range of insect repellent clothing to combat the critters.


Sick of carrying the bug spray with you on every trip? Keep the biting bugs at bay with insect repellent clothing. Delicately woven into the fabric of each garment, this anti-insect technology fights all your battles for you, so you can travel uninhibited by irritating insects.

From dresses and shirts, to pants and gilets, take the worry out of travel with our extensive range and stay protected in any climate.

The world's first and only permanent insect-repellent clothing range.

With treatment permanently woven into fabrics, find bug bites reduced by up to 90%.

A technology that cannot wear away or wash out, let NosiLife provide proven protection for every adventure.

An effective barrier to biting insects.

NosiDefence provides a robust barrier of specially constructed fibres which are too tough for insects like mosquitoes to penetrate.

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