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From hats to scarves our men’s outdoor accessories will keep you cool while keeping bugs at bay.


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Keeping you prepared for anything and everything while you travel, our men’s outdoor accessories hold host to a range of essentials for your next trip. Take the worry out of travelling with our extensive range – from men’s gloves and woolly hats to keep warm in the chillier months, to sun hats for men for UV protection. Find all the accessories for travelling you’ll need before you hit the road.

Let us take the stress out of travelling for you – be prepared for any adventure with our men’s travel accessories range. Whatever the destination, wrap up warm or stay protected from the heat with our travel accessories for men.


Irritating critters getting in the way of exploration? Keep the biting bugs at bay with Insect Shield technology. With jungle and desert sun hats for men, provide your head and neck with sun protection, and insect repellent technology woven into the fabric to battle against bug bites.

Don’t let pesky mosquitos ruin your next expedition. Stock up on men’s outdoor accessories to ensure bug bites are a thing of the past. With a technology that will not wear away or wash out, let us help you get back to enjoying the moment, as you explore.

Need to stock up on men’s travel accessories for your next trip? Buy travel essentials and handy gadgets from our entire range of travel accessories today.