A versatile, lightweight men’s full zip fleece is an outdoor necessity. Our mid-layer microfleece and men’s full zip fleece jackets offer instant insulation when you need it the most. Layer your fleece over a technical t-shirt in the summer, or under a waterproof jacket in the winter for that extra boost of warmth when you’re out exploring. Our men’s full zip fleece sweaters come in a range of colors, from deep plum to classic navy, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your tastes. Discover our wide selection of men’s full zip fleece today – the perfect companion to your next outdoor adventure.


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The perfect fit for the outdoor enthusiast, find men’s full zip fleece jackets with insulating technology to lock in heat all year round. Keep warm in the chillier months and stay protected from summer breezes by the seaside in your own men’s lightweight full zip fleece. Ideal for wearing on hikes up breezy hills and mountains, windy walks on the beach or layering up to keep insulated in the winter months – your men’s full zip fleece jacket will become an essential item in your outdoor wardrobe.


Whether you’re holidaying by the beach or getting involved in city walking tours, your men’s lightweight full zip fleece will be your constant companion for every adventure. With super light microfibers designed to keep you warm without overheating, you can easily put your men’s full zip fleece jacket in your backpack, or whip it out when the sun starts shining.

Wear your men’s full zip up fleece jacket to keep warm against the calm summer breeze, or team up with one of our men’s insulated jackets and a long sleeve shirt to layer up in the winter months. Utilize that handy layer of insulation all day in our men’s full zip fleece.

Continue browsing through our men’s full zip fleece jacket collection today and order online. Still searching? For a more options, shop our full range of men’s fleece.