Ambassador Connie Allen

Ethologist, conservationist & Wildlife Photographer

Connie Allen

Connie is an Ethologist who studies the behaviour of animals. Whilst researching for her PhD, she spent a lot of time studying elephants in Botswana, which was when we started to speak to her about the kit she needed in Botswana to help her get on with the job and the interesting work she was undertaking.

Connie’s research aims to understand the complex social systems of male elephant herds. She uses technology to capture and monitor their interactions and behaviour. Connie is passionate about conservation and understanding animals to better protect them for the future. She also has a great eye for photography and she travels widely, capturing amazing wildlife images.

She recently took part in Craghoppers AW19 shoot in Scotland where she was one of four photographers who we captured in front of the camera rather than behind it – set against the stunning Scottish landscape.