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Choosing The Best Walking Trousers for You

Looking for a new pair of walking trousers? You’re in the right place. We’re here to talk you through the different types of walking trousers available, the seasons and activities they’re best for, and some of their key features. Interested? Keep on reading our guide to choosing the best walking trousers for you.

How To Choose Walking Trousers

When it comes to choosing the right pair of walking trousers, there’s no cutting corners. So, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider, including:
• Climate. In which climate will you spend the majority of your time when wearing your walking trousers?
• Activity. Depending on whether you’re a climber, a walker or a fell runner – you’ll need to find the best walking trousers to make the most of your abilities.
• Versatility. And finally, consider whether you’re looking to wear your walking trousers in a few different climates and on different kinds of adventures.

Best Walking Trousers For Hot Weather

First things first, let’s talk about the best walking trousers for summer. For treks in the heat, you’ll want a pair of trousers that are lightweight, breathable and technical. Here’s what we’d suggest.

Whether you’re exploring the jungle or just enjoying a day of sun closer to home, choose a pair of NosiLife walking trousers. The key feature of this particular pair is the anti-insect technology that is built into the fabric. Without the need for any nasty chemicals, keep irritating insects like mosquitos at bay. Not only this, but what makes our NosiLifes some of the best walking trousers for hot weather, is the additional sun protective quality. With UPF 40+ protection, rest assured your legs will be safe from the sun’s powerful UV rays.
NosiLife Pro Convertible
Next up, we have the NosiLife Pro Convertibles. These zip-off trousers are perfect for those warm days when the sun keeps going in and out. So to keep comfortable all day long, simply zip off the ends of the trousers to convert them into a pair of walking shorts – leaving you feeling cool and fresh when out on the trail. What’s more, with our added Odour Control technology, you won’t have to worry about getting your sweat on during difficult hikes.

Best Walking Trousers For Winter

We’ve covered off summer, so what are the best walking trousers for winter? The main priority is obviously to keep yourself warm. Find out what the best insulating walking trousers are, so you don’t have to hide from the cold during winter.
Kiwi Pro Winter Lined Trousers
Insulating, unrestrictive and comfortable – Kiwi Pro Winter Lined Trousers are the perfect choice for cold weather adventures. Whether you’re exploring the peaks in the UK or on a mission to see the northern lights, these are the best walking trousers for winter adventures thanks to these key features:
• SmartDry Eco technology – providing you with a lightweight layer of protection from the rain.
• SolarShield technology – constant protection from the sun’s UV rays, even when it’s cold out.
• Insulating – the snug brushed lining will keep you toasty in the chilliest weather.

Best Walking Trousers For All Year Round

Kiwi Classics
And the best walking trousers for all year round? Our Kiwi Classics. The choice of hikers around the world, you can’t go wrong with these trousers. Equipped with a selection of handy features and innovative technologies, here’s what you can expect from our Kiwi Classics:
• NosiDefence – keeping you safe from irritating insect bites without the need for bug spray.
• SolarShield – UPF40+ sun protection, all year round.
• Part elasticated waist – allowing you to remain comfortable and free on trickier parts of the trail.
• Secure pockets – keeping your valuables safely tucked away in a selection of integrated zipped pockets.

And there we have it! Now you know how to choose the perfect walking trousers for you, it’s time to get shopping. Optimise your adventures and choose a pair of men’s walking trousers or women’s walking trousers from Craghoppers.


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