Dreaming with Daniel: 6

To celebrate the launch of the Trouserless Nightmare, (our latest campaign), we’ve enlisted the help of internationally recognised lucid dreaming author and consciousness researcher, Daniel Love. Once a week for the next month, Daniel will be analysing your trouserless nightmares here on the blog.

“In each of us lives a poet, philosopher, and scientist – each offering unique and equally valuable perspectives towards existence.” 

Daniel has been exploring the wonders of the psyche and alternative states of consciousness for over two decades, dedicating his life to the promotion and education of lucid dreaming and personal psychological exploration. 

Dreamer: Dear Daniel,

I have this recurring dream where there is another person who looks very similar to me, but speaks another language and has a slightly different name (the names and languages change every time I have the dream). Seemingly in my dream, this new person is recognised as being me by everybody else – including my partner, family, and colleagues, and when I try and tell people that it’s not me they’re talking to, they tell me I’m being ridiculous and that they don’t know who I am…

I have had this dream for years, and there’s never any rhyme or reason as to when it pops up – what does this mean?!

– Imogen Kemp

Daniel:  What a delightfully curious dream. Dream interpretation is a very subjective and imprecise science and our dreams speak a deeply personal and unique language. However, dreams of a doppelganger have many traditional interpretations.

Generally, these revolve around the dreamer’s sense of self-identity; whether this is Jung’s “Shadow” (the instinctual and unconscious aspects of the psyche) or a more direct representation of one of the many elements of one’s personality.

In this instance, it seems likely that the dream is being somewhat literal and demonstrating a mismatch between your personal self-image and the way in which others perceive you.

It would seem that on some level you do not feel as if you are expressing yourself as clearly or as honestly as you’d wish, or that you feel trapped by the expectations of others.

The doppelganger’s use of different languages seems to indicate that this revolves around self-expression. It would be wise to ask yourself if in these dreams your imposter embodies any traits that impress or repulse you and to establish how you may be able to use this information to improve your communication in waking life.

If the double represents something you’d aspire to, then perhaps this should be the nudge you need to improve in this area of your life. Alternatively, should they exhibit behaviours that you feel misrepresent your true-self, then you need to establish how (and if) this is an exaggeration of your own behaviour in life.

On a more simplistic level the dream may be no more than an expression of personal anxiety. It may be that you harbour a little social-anxiety and that these dreams are simply your mind running-riot with this worry.

It’s certainly a fascinating dream and its recurring nature certainly warrants further investigation.

I’d recommend keeping a journal of your dreams and establishing the finer details. It would also be a handy means to discover if the dream evolves over time. I’d also suggest attempting to initiate a lucid dream as this would be a fine chance to communicate with your double and to ask them directly what it is that they represent. You can discover techniques on lucid dreaming over at my website.

Most importantly, see this dream as a chance to explore the dynamic between your personal self-image and the way in which you express yourself to the world. It may be a wonderful chance to blossom and grow.

Sweet dreams!


For a chance to have your Trouserless Nightmares analysed by Daniel, submit your dream to community@craghoppers.com either anonymously or publicly – whichever you feel most comfortable with!

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