Galway Travel Guide

Planning on visiting a former European capital of culture? Want to immerse yourself in the Galwegian community? Our handy Galway travel guide will help you plan your next trip, featuring hidden gems in Galway as well as key information on the best spots for food and drink. The city is known for its incredible pubs, seafood and literature history, and is bound to be a hit as a holiday getaway.

What to see in Galway

If you’re wondering what to see in Galway, then wonder no more. There are a range of different things to do across the city, perfect for whatever type of exploration you’re looking for.

1. Walk from Wolfe Tone Bridge

If you wander south from the Wolfe Tone Bridge, you’ll eventually reach Galway Bay. On the way, you’ll find hidden gems in Galway, like the Claddagh District and Nimmo’s Pier, and a 19th century promenade when you reach the shore. Galway Bay is three miles long and a glorious experience to traverse.

Take in the northern route, which features University College and heads into the grounds. If you keep following the riverbank, you’ll reach Dangan which is opposite the ruins of the beautiful Menlo Castle.

2. Enjoy the festivities

Galway is known for its ever-full programme of events, consisting of festivals, outdoor theatre and parades. When they’re able to take place, you can visit during the week-long festival of literature, head to the Galway Races, enjoy the local seafood at the Oyster Festival or even get a bit artsy during the Galway Arts Festival.

Later in the year, you can enjoy a Macnas parade filled with music, fire, dance and more.

3. St Nicholas is a must-visit

If you’re unsure of what to see in Galway, then St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church is not to be missed. The 700-year-old church was built by the Knights Templar, has been visited by Christopher Colombus and has seen countless worshippers throughout its years.

Delve into exceptional history and, if you time it right (on a Saturday), you might just catch the lively weekly market.

Hidden Gems in Galway

There are a few hidden gems in Galway that you should take the time to explore. Whether you’re into history, literature or a bit of both, there’s something for everyone in this gem on the Emerald Isle.

Search out Charlie Bryne’s Bookshop on Middle Street and find an eclectic mix of books ranging from new releases to antique page turners. There are often visiting authors, and it is home to over 100,000 books so you can be sure you’ll find something there with the help of friendly staff. You could also wander the Galway poetry trail, following the bronze or stone plaques that reflect the content of over 20 poems from the likes of James Joyce or Máire Holmes.

If literature isn’t your thing, explore the legend of the Claddagh ring, the traditional wedding ring from the Claddagh fishing village. Visit the Claddagh ring visitor centre to get the most of this hidden gem in Galway.

4. Wine and Dine in Galway

You can’t consider travelling to this remarkable area of Ireland without knowing about the best food in Galway, and the best pubs in Galway.

If you’re looking for an atmospheric experience, try Tigh Neachtain, where you can sit outside and experience the buzz of the streets. If you’re a fan of local pub talk, the best pub in Galway for this is The Bunch of Grapes on High Street. There’s a pub or bar for every tipple of choice, with whiskeys drinkers and gin drinkers all covered.

For the best food in Galway, you’re likely going to be enjoying sea food. The true taste of Galway has to start with oysters, and they’re available almost all year round, excluding the summer months. There are a few places to go to enjoy these, like Cooke’s Restaurant or Ard Bia. There’s also a wide spread of family butcher’s and cheesemongers allowing you to taste the local delicacies.

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