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Meet The Ecologists: Unveiling the Lives and Work of Jaz and Guy

In the realm of ecological exploration, Jaz and Guy, have emerged as dynamic contributors to the field. Through their distinct backgrounds and shared passion for understanding and preserving the natural world, they have each carved a unique path in ecological research and conservation. We were lucky enough to learn more about their experiences and work throughout our NosiLife shoot.

Jaz: Unraveling Water Ecosystems in a Changing Climate

Jaz's journey into ecology commenced amidst the river valleys of the Shropshire Hills and has since expanded to include the moorland rivers and coastal bays of Devon, UK. Her expertise includes specialized training in freshwater fish, water quality monitoring, river restoration, natural flood management, ecological conservation, and marine and climate sciences. A pivotal moment in her career unfolded in 2021, propelling her toward a PhD in Environmental Sciences, a voyage that delves into the intricate dynamics of rivers, estuaries, and coastal waters.

At present, Jaz's endeavours find alignment within the collaborative efforts of the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, the University of East Anglia, and Sercon Ltd. This is facilitated through the ARIES doctoral training program, where she passionately works to decode the behaviour of water ecosystems amidst the backdrop of an evolving climate.

Jaz's fervent connection to the great outdoors, nurtured by pursuits such as hiking, swimming, surfing, and white-water kayaking, infuses vitality into her research in river and ocean exploration and preservation. She champions responsible outdoor engagement and communal cooperation as crucial to safeguarding ecosystems for generations to come. Her research spans a diverse array of themes, including freshwater and marine ecology, water biogeochemistry, climate change impacts, and the potential for impactful scientific narratives.

Guy: Navigating Marine Sciences and Wilderness

Guy Hooper, a marine scientist hailing from Plymouth, is a figure in tackling pressing global environmental issues, from climate change to biodiversity loss. Raised within a coastal Cornwall fishing village, Guy's upbringing instilled in him a profound connection to the outdoors. His engagement in adventure sports, encompassing sailing, diving, surfing, and climbing, speaks to his affinity for nature's allure. Anchored in the southwestern UK, he relishes the proximity of North Cornwall, South Devon, and Dartmoor, which have become his playgrounds of exploration.

Dartmoor, in particular, has become Guy's sanctuary – a realm of sprawling walks, daring climbs, refreshing swims, and captivating explorations. Amidst its ever-changing weather patterns, he emphasizes the importance of meticulous preparation, choosing outdoor gear that aligns with his ethos of quality, purpose, and durability. Our NosiLife range stands as a testament to his approach, offering comfort and protection against the elements and insects alike.


Guy’s devotion to sustainable outdoor practices and well-informed gear choices reflects his commitment to an enriched and responsible relationship with the environment. His narrative underscores the significance of thoughtful engagement with natural landscapes and the pivotal role that reliable outdoor equipment plays in facilitating such experiences.

In summary, Jaz and Guy’s stories intertwine in their dedication to ecological understanding and preservation. Their endeavors serve as beacons of inspiration, guiding us toward a harmonious coexistence with the natural world.


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