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Why Do You Travel?

To get away from it all? To leave your everyday worries behind? We get it.

Packing your bag and travelling to a new, unexplored destination means getting out of the office, taking off your shirt and tie, forgetting stress, and getting back to basics. There’s something special about losing yourself in exploration, forgetting about the way you look, and instead enjoying the moment with family and friends, wherever that takes you.

Why travel the world? It can help you discover lots of new things and travel certainly opens up different avenues for different people. Whether you’re travelling solo, or with family and friends, whether you’re in it for the food, the people, or the challenge, there are a multitude of reasons people travel. We’ve collected our top reasons to travel below – feel free to share your reasons to travel with us in the comments.

Why travel can give you a new lease of life

Escape – A demanding schedule. A stressful experience. Travelling is your ticket to escape your worries. Plan a new trip and get away from daily stresses. Step away from concerns and gain some perspective as you relax and rejuvenate away from the everyday.

 Adventure – Dreaming of a little adventure? Travel is an excellent way of getting closer to the adventure you crave. Pick out an exotic destination without a real plan of where you’ll stay or end up, and see where your journey takes you. Still want to plan ahead? There’s adventure in new experiences that you can’t do at home. Try out something that scares you – a skydive or scuba diving – and create your own exhilarating adventure away from the norm. 

Take your inspiration from Craghoppers’ ambassador, Ash Dykes – as an explorer who walked the length and breadth of Mongolia and took the time to raise awareness for nomadic locals along the way – Ash embodies the adventure that we all crave when we travel.

Challenge – If you find yourself looking for a new challenge, there are plenty of opportunities to do so as you travel. Exposing yourself to unfamiliar places and cultures may be a challenge in itself. But if you really want to test yourself, why not take on a travel challenge that really takes you out of your comfort zone? Navigate a busy city in a foreign language. Climb a mountain. Swim with sharks. Overcoming these challenges will give you confidence and a sense of pride and accomplishment that you can take back home with you.

Education – Travelling is a learning experience, wherever you go. And one that doesn’t necessarily require a text book. Pick up some key phrases in Spanish while you chat to a local. Or learn how to make a local dish. Talk to people about their culture and traditions and you’ll find that you can learn something that you’d never have come across sat behind a desk.

Founder of Peak Discoverers, Claire Aspinall, is a great example of how to take education to the great outdoors. As a Craghoppers’ ambassador, Claire inspires us to get outdoors and start learning something new. She is an accomplished field geophysicist and uses her knowledge to teach courses to those who wish to develop while seeking new outdoor experiences.

 Experience – Ultimately, the reasons people travel boils down to experiences. Gaining experiences gives you an opportunity to develop new skills, to escape the norm, take on something new, or all of the above. New experiences have the power to enrich your life and help you to really get away from it all.

Want to travel?

It pays to leave behind the everyday and re-discover your freedom. That’s why, at Craghoppers, we develop and manufacture hard-wearing outdoor wear for men and women – clothes that will keep you protected as you explore, take on a new challenge, or discover a new path. Our outdoor wear works hard at keeping you fully protected so that you’re completely comfortable, completely free, and able to capture a real life moment.

Forget about the little things and start to look around. There’s liberation in protection.

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