Supporting the Walk of Oman Team

As official clothing sponsor for the Walking With The Wounded Walk of Oman, we have been paying close attention to the team over the months, keeping up to date with their training. And, with not long to go now, they have been ramping this up!

Of course, due to COVID-19 restrictions and the fact that the team is spread across the UK, Ben, David, Andy, Brian, Ben and Sean have had to organise their own solo training. But thankfully they all got together on Armed Forces day on 26th June in the Peak District where, under the observant eyes of Challenge The Wild, they were able to train together.
CTW is a provider of adventurous outdoor experiences – events, challenges or hikes and they have been brought on board to put the team through their paces, making sure they will be in shape – mentally and physically – for the Challenge ahead.

Dan Searson

So, who is on the support team and how can they help Ben, David, Andy, Brian, Ben and Sean achieve their common goal? To walk 400km in 35 degrees of heat whilst pulling a 100kg custom built cart along with them.

Dan Searson owns CTW and is the dedicated Training Team Leader. He has spent the past 30 years exploring the outdoors, with 20 years of that in the military serving as an Army Officer in the regulars and reserves. He was deployed to the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East; and has led expeditions to the Pyrenees, Machu Pichu, the Sierra Nevada, Dolomites and Mount Kenya. He was awarded the Home Command Innovation Award for Training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paul Johnson

Dan set up CTW back in 2015 and has delivered and worked on events across the UK as well as to the summit of Mont Blanc, the Swiss Alps, Iceland and the Grand Canyon. He thrives on working closely with people, ensuring they achieve their aims through a rigorous approach to planning and delivery. It was in 2020 when Dan and his team took on the responsibility of training the Walk of Oman team to prepare them for their expedition to Oman.

Dan works closely with Paul Johnson who is CTW’s Mental Well-being Instructor. Paul served in the Merchant Navy for 39 years, spending 22 years as chief petty officer. During his extensive worldwide travels, Paul studied many techniques on helping people overcome their fears and anxieties to achieve their goals. He is trained in Mental Health First Aid to level 3 and has trained in counselling as well as psychology and mindfulness. Many of the team members have suffered with PTSD and therefore Dan’s input is invaluable.

Dale Walker

Dale Walker is the Physiotherapist on the team and is responsible for the physical well-being of the team which is important as the team challenge themselves physically. Dale is a former Army Physical Training Instructor, Royal Marines Commando and British Army Physiotherapy Officer. With over 25 years Military service, he has been on operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. He is currently serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps as a Reservist, but also lectures in Physiotherapy and is an adventure athlete. Dale is supporting the whole team but in particular, members who have suffered lifechanging injuries during their service.

With the countdown on, to find out more visit https://www.walkofoman.co.uk/.


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