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Your Guide To Scafell Pike Hikes

Scafell Pike is one of England’s most beautiful destinations for hiking and climbing. Located in the heart of the Lake District, with a towering summit of over 900 metres, Scafell Pike is England’s highest mountain. The irresistible lure of the mountain will entice even the most novice hiker to venture up and catch a glimpse of those breathtaking views. From avid adventurers to recreational ramblers, Scafell Pike provides the perfect backdrop for a heart-pumping expedition or a gentle stroll and midday picnic. If you’re wanting to add this gorgeous mountain to your weekend adventures, then our guide will detail the very best Scafell Pike hikes, as well as some handy tips on where to stay, where to park and what to pack.


Packing the correct clothing and equipment is essential for having a safe and enjoyable adventure. For the perfect Scafell Pike hike, we recommend some essentials:

  • Walking trousers. To have the freedom to scramble, stretch and leap up those Scafell Pike hikes, you need the correct pair of walking trousers. For the perfect hiking wardrobe, make sure your walking trousers have unrestricted freedom of movement with added splash-proof and sun protective fabric, so you’ll be guarded against whatever the weather decides to throw at you.
  • Walking boots. Even the most picturesque hike can be ruined by incorrect footwear. Ensure your comfort with a sturdy pair of walking boot that will keep your feet protected and help fight the fatigue of hiking.
  • Rucksack. Find the perfect travel companion with a stylish and lightweight walking rucksack. This is vital for carrying that all-important picnic, as well as life-saving essentials, such as a first aid kit, mobile phone, and a map.
  • Gloves. We love the great British weather and its unpredictability: it’s what makes our adventures even more challenging. When those biting winds and lashing rain threaten to interrupt your expedition, pack a pair of comfortable and anti-odour gloves that will help keep your hands warm on your Scafell Pike hike.
  • Hat. If you’re blessed with glorious sunshine on your Scafell Pike hike, then rejoice and protect your head with a sun hat. Packable hats are handy to keep in your rucksack for when the sun breaks through the clouds, or the temperature tumbles as you reach the summit.


Scafell Pike hikes are varied, so there’s something for everyone. You may be wondering how tall is Scafell Pike, considering it’s England’s highest mountain? It’s 978 metres, at least 20 metres taller than England’s second and third tallest mountains. If you’re a beginner hiker and are wondering: how hard is Scafell Pike hike? Then we would advise that the mountain should not be underestimated. For those who want to reach the top, it’s a serious undertaking that involves scrambling over difficult and uneven terrain. Plan your route carefully and check the weather that may cause further issues, such as poor visibility and slippery terrain.

Scafell Pike hikes provide a sense of accomplishment, no matter what route you take. The mountain offers quiet romantic walks, cascading waterwalls, family picnics, winding rivers and a magnificent climb to the top. If you’re planning a weekend adventure, then finding out exactly where is Scafell Pike will make your break more enjoyable. Located in Wasdale, Cumbria, you’ll be able to visit quaint traditional market towns after your Scafell Pike hike for that much needed coffee and slice of cake. How long does it take to climb Scafell Pike? Your hike could take at least five to six hours in good weather, with extra time needed for bad weather, so you may very well need a weekend to fully enjoy your Scafell Pike adventure!

Depending on where you start, there are a variety of Scafell Pike routes you can take. For beginners, the best Scafell Pike route is from Wasdale Head: it’s an easier climb as it’s the shortest and most direct. However, it does mean you’re walking uphill as soon as you start. The most challenging Scafell Pike routes are from Great Langdale and Borrowdale. The Borrowdale route is for those who prefer a more scenic trail as you climb alongside a river, perfect for witnessing the magnificent natural beauty of England. The Great Langdale route takes in several other peaks, as well as Scafell Pike, so this is perfect for advanced hikers.


Depending on where you start your adventure, there are plenty of places to park for your Scafell Pike hike. For those starting in Wasdale, then there is the Wasdale Head car park (OS ref: NY187085) that has easy access to the start of the Scafell Pike hike. For the more challenging route from Great Langdale, there is a pay and display car park next to the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel (OS ref: NY287061) and set off on your adventure via the farm track. The Borrowdale route starts in Seathwaite, where you can park free of charge on the roadside near Seathwaite Farm (OS ref: NY235122). In the summer, it is extremely busy, but thankfully the farmer opens a field for extra paid parking.


If you want to turn your Scafell Pike hike into a mini-break, then there are plenty of accommodation options to relax, refuel and recover in. For hotels and B&Bs, there are over 15 that are within 13 miles of the Wasdale Head car park – so, no matter your budget or accommodation preference, you’ll be able to find the perfect accommodation to recuperate after your Scafell Pike hike. Many of the B&Bs are owned by locals and will be able to give you interesting tidbits about the area and the history of Scafell Pike. 

If you prefer the great outdoors, then why not try Scafell Pike camping? There are seven campsites located within 12 miles of the start of Scafell Pike hike in Wasdale, with the Wasdale National Trust Campsite being 0.1 miles away from Wasdale Head Car Park. Some campsites require booking pitches in advance, whereas others are happy to allocate you a pitch when you arrive. However, we would recommend enquiring in advance, just in case and to avoid disappointment.

That’s the end to our guide to Scafell Pike hikes. We hope you have enjoyed it and are already starting to plan your Scafell Pike adventure. If you’d like to stock up on your new season outdoor wardrobe, then our range of men’s outdoor clothing and women’s outdoor clothing will provide you with everything that you could need for your next expedition.


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