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We run two main Social Impact Programmes.

RHEP Programme

The RHEP Programme educates and empowers female workers in Bangladesh on health, hygiene, nutrition, finance and more recently family planning. The programme has been completed in 9 factories in Bangladesh, reaching over 15,500 workers.

Regatta Health Education Programme
Female Workers in Bangladesh

Savar Primary School

We have been funding the Savar Primary School, located in our garment factory area in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for over 11 years. The school offers life-changing education to 262 students between the age of 4-14, including 58 children with learning and physical disabilities. Most recently an ex-pupil has recently been employed as the new librarian of a fully stocked library and we are running a full teacher training programme to ensure the very best education possible. We have positively impacted on more than 3,300 families supported over the years.

Savar Primary School