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About Us

Where is Craghoppers based?

Craghoppers is a UK-based brand that is part of the Regatta Great Outdoor group. The main headquarters is in Manchester, UK, and the U.S. headquarters is nestled in Newmarket, NH.

Where is Craghoppers made?

Craghoppers clothing is sustainably made and responsibly sourced. Craghoppers outdoor clothing is designed in the U.K. and proud to be active members of the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) since 2012. This means that we ensure all Craghoppers clothing, factories, and workers are covered by the ETI Base Code set by the International Labor Organization. We have inspected over 122 factories in 9 countries, set up worker’s participation committees in key factories, and reached over 14,000 workers with Health & Safety tools. You can learn more about our product traceability and responsible sourcing here: https://www.craghoppers.com/us/sustainability/mindfully-made/responsible-sourcing/.

We realize that to take control of our products and supply chain we must understand where our product comes from. We have therefore mapped out our major material and component supply chains for full visibility. Craghoppers products are sourced responsibly and sustainably from Bangladesh, Burma, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Is Craghoppers a good brand?

Craghoppers adventure clothing is a rugged, technical, eco-friendly brand that has been outfitting adventurers since 1965. Craghoppers clothing is high quality and guaranteed for life.

Are there Craghoppers stores I can visit?

As Craghoppers grows in the USA, we are excited to be building out several brick and mortar stores. You can visit Craghoppers stores in North Conway, NH and Merrimack, NH. You can also find Craghoppers gear in our sister stores Regatta Great Outdoors, which can be found here.

What is a British Heritage Brand?

A British Heritage brand is a company that has been around for decades and taps into British history and culture for differentiated styling and technology. Craghoppers is a British Heritage adventure brand, bringing timeless style to epic and everyday adventures.

What is Craghoppers Adventure clothing?

Craghoppers is a British Heritage brand established in 1965 that specializes in carefully crafting outdoor clothing for adventures near and far. Protection is the new norm and Craghoppers has been offering more protection than you need until you need it since 1965. With a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly clothing, Craghoppers utilizes technology such as bug-deterrent Insect Shield, waterproof AquaDry and GoreTex, SolarShield UPF protection and more. Shop Mens Outdoor Clothing | Shop Womens Outdoor Clothing | Shop Kids Outdoor Clothing

What does Craghoppers mean?

A "crag" is defined as a steep or rugged cliff or rock face. The name Craghoppers is a clever play on hopping rock faces and experiencing great adventure.

Are Craghoppers good quality?

Craghoppers outdoor clothing is high-quality, rugged outdoor gear that is guaranteed for life. All Craghoppers clothing is carefully crafted and sustainably made.

Are Craghoppers and Regatta the same company?

Craghoppers is owned by the Regatta Great Outdoors Group. The three brands in the USA that are under the RGO umbrella are Craghoppers (specialty adventure clothing), Regatta Great Outdoors (everyday adventure clothing), and Dare2B (European-style ski and sportswear).


Is Craghoppers good for the environment?

We pride ourselves in taking care of the environment that Craghoppers clothing enables us to explore. This is why all Craghoppers apparel is made from more than 70% recycled materials and ethically sourced. To assure that Craghoppers clothing is not doing harm for the planet, we have made great efforts to become BLUESIGN system partners, members of ETI (Ethical TRade Initiative), BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), GLEC (Global Logistics Emissions Council), UNFCCC Fashion for Global Climate Action, reduced the impact of our offices, and much more. Learn more about Craghoppers environmental efforts here: https://www.craghoppers.com/us/sustainability/mindfully-made/the-environment/.

What is the Craghoppers Honestly Project?

The Craghoppers Honestly Project is our commitment to create quality products, carefully crafted and engineered for adventure, with minimal impact on our planet. Striving to get better with each season, Craghoppers clothing is sustainably-made, eco-friendly, responsibly sourced, and has been a bluesign system partner since 2018. The Craghoppers Honestly Project focuses on reducing office impact, turning recycled materials into quality clothing, a commitment to No Down, No Animal Products, PFC Free Fabrics, the Better Cotton Initiative, and more. Learn more here.

What is a bluesign partner?

At Craghoppers we are extremely proud of our bluesign system partnership and efforts. This commitment is at the core of our brand. Bluesign system partners are responsible acting parties of the textile value chain committed to continuously improving the environmental performance and focused on a sustainable future. Learn more about Craghoppers bluesign system partnership efforts here, and learn more about the bluesign program here.

Is Craghoppers clothing sustainably made?

At Craghoppers, we believe that honesty, courtesy and respect are critical in all the decisions we make with customers, colleagues and the workers in our factories.

We continue to increase the amount of recycled materials within each individual product and use yarns which have been sourced from suppliers that are certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

The majority of the cotton used in our product is BCI Cotton (Better Cotton Initiative). As members of BCI, we ensure that our cotton meets the highest standards for sustainability, for workers conditions and that the right price is paid for the cotton.

We are proud members of Bluesign and we work with other Bluesign partners around the world. Bluesign is a globally recognised standard that ensures our materials are manufactured using kinder dyestuff and less water with the least harmful chemicals as possible.

We ensure that we have zero landfill even for damaged stock. We donate stock to Newlife, the Charity for disabled children. Profits from the sale of this stock help to provide essential equipment for disabled children, medical research into birth defects and help fund campaigns at local and national government level.

To learn more click here.

How is Craghoppers recycled clothing made?

In 2020 we were excited to launch our most mindfully made collection yet. This meant that over 70% of the new product launch was made from recycled materials and that these numbers were now traceable. Craghoppers recycled clothing is made from plastic bottles recycled into gear, repurposing yarn, using recycled paper for hang tags, reducing packaging by 50%, and using minimal water in the dying process. Learn more here.

What does Mindfully Made mean?

Mindfully Made is our tagline that refers to our sustainable and ethically sourced clothing. Our gear is made to warm YOU, not the planet. In essence, Mindfully Made means all of our clothing is made with preserving our planet at the top of mind.

Product Information

Does Craghoppers run small or large?

As a British heritage brand, Craghoppers tends to run slighter smaller than other American outdoor brands.

What is Craghoppers Insect Shield technology?

Craghoppers makes Insect Shield® clothing BECAUSE BUGS SUCK. Insect Shield® is a technology used on Craghoppers adventure apparel to deter harmful insects such as mosquitoes and ticks.

In the U.K., the line of Craghoppers clothing with bug deterring technology is called NosiLife. In the US, we adapt NosiLife clothing with US-approved Insect Shield® technology. This technology uses an FDA-approved natural insecticide called Permethrin that is extracted from the chrysanthemum flower. The chrysanthemum extract is then chemically applied to our apparel. The result is a tested, proven and safe bug defence alternative that effectively lasts the lifetime of the garment.

In short, Insect Shield®...

  • Deters harmful insects with a natural and FDA-approved insecticide that comes from a flower
  • Is family friendly and pet safe
  • Lasts the lifetime of the garment
  • Is odorless
  • Is tested and proven by the FDA, CDC, WHO, AAFP, NIOSH, and with our own rigorous testing

Learn more about our Insect Shield® built-in bug defense outdoor clothing.

What bugs and insects does Craghoppers Insect Shield deter?

One bite is all it takes to contract a serious insect-transmitted disease. That’s why we have Insect Shield® technology built-in to our essential outdoor adventure clothing for long-lasting bug protection. Insect Shield® has been tested and proved to be effective against deterring mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. Learn more here.

Is Insect Shield a chemical?

Insect Shield® is made from a natural insecticide called Permethrin that originates from the chrysanthemum flower. Permethrin was approved by the FDA in 1977 as a natural insecticide. Permethrin is dipped using a chemical application process to Craghoppers clothing, which already features fabrics with a tighter weave that makes it difficult for insects to protrude. This double shield is what makes up Craghoppers Insect Shield® adventure clothing.

What is Craghoppers best-selling pant?

The Kiwi pant has been our best seller for over 20 years with over 7 million pairs sold worldwide. Shop our men's collection here.

Does Craghoppers make good hiking pants?

Craghoppers is an outdoor clothing brand specializing in hiking and adventure pants. From Insect Shield technology to extra stretch, drying loops, RFID pockets, and much more, Craghoppers men’s hiking pants and women’s hiking pants are famous for providing more protection than you need, until you need it.

Do Insect Shield Shirts really work? (Does Insect Shield Really Work?)

Yes! Watch this video to see how Insect Shield truly is effective in deterring harmful insects. Shop our men’s insect shield, women’s insect shield, and kids insect shield clothing.

Is Craghoppers clothing good quality?

We only make the best outdoor clothing for men, women and kids!

How does Craghoppers Sun Protective clothing work?

Our SolarShield fabric technology provides select styles with UPF 40+ protection from harmful UV rays. Sun-protection is given by a combination of 3 things, the density of the fabric construction, the type of yarns used and its colour.

To learn more about SolarShield, click here. Shop men’s and women’s sun protective clothing.

Are Craghoppers waterproof?

Select styles are made with our AquaDry technology which is a combination of waterproof and breathable coating and fabrics for a guaranteed level of protection and comfort. The outer face is treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to help keep the outer fabric drier for longer.

To learn more about AquaDry, click here. See our men’s waterproof jackets and women’s waterproof jackets.

What is Craghoppers warmth rating?

Our warmth rating system is designed to explain the insulating properties of our men’s insulated jackets and women’s insulated jackets, when worn as part of a technical layering system. The ratings range from 1 (regular) to 3 (optimum for extreme conditions) and can be viewed here.

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Delivery & Exchanges

Where is Craghoppers shipping from?

The USA Craghoppers order ship from our Kansas City, Missouri Warehouse.

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We offer a flat rate of $5 for returns.

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What are you doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The health and well-being of our employees and our customers remain our top priority during these challenging times. We are complying with state and local mandates to protect everyone in our stores and our warehouse, which include, strict hygiene and social distancing measures.

Are online orders and deliveries affected?

Our USA warehouse is open Monday through Friday and continues to ship orders within 7-9 business days from the receipt of order.

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email with the tracking number so you can check on the delivery status and receive updates on any delays.