Our men’s collection is the crossroads between our 50-year-old British heritage and the modern adventure mindset. We believe men are looking for simple solutions from products that last. Therefore, we build every piece to protect you in any environment -near or far- and we back it up with our lifetime guarantee. See you out there!


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4 wide
3 wide
  • Edvin Jacket - Ombre Blue
    Edvin Jacket - Ombre Blue


  • Bardsey Jean - Indigo Denim
    Bardsey Jean - Indigo Denim


  • Kiwi Pants - Dark Moss / Black Pepper
    Kiwi Pants - Dark Moss / Black Pepper


    More colours available
  • Eoran Jacket - Black
    Eoran Jacket - Black


  • Feargan Jacket - Dark Navy
    Feargan Jacket - Dark Navy


  • Bardsey Cord - Ombre Blue
    Bardsey Cord - Ombre Blue


  • Axel Jacket - Blue Navy
    Axel Jacket - Blue Navy


  • Baird Jacket - Black
    Baird Jacket - Black


  • Jura Jacket - Black Pepper
    Jura Jacket - Black Pepper


  • Baird Vest - Black
    Baird Vest - Black


  • Kiwi Pro Pants - Dark Lead
    Kiwi Pro Pants - Dark Lead


    More colours available
  • Brae Jacket - Blue Navy
    Brae Jacket - Blue Navy


  • Augustus Jacket - Black
    Augustus Jacket - Black


  • Kiwi Long-Sleeve Shirt - Faded Indigo
    Kiwi Long-Sleeve Shirt - Faded Indigo


    More colours available
  • Kiwi Convertible Pants - Beach
    Kiwi Convertible Pants - Beach


    More colours available
  • NosiLife Pro Pants - Pebble
    NosiLife Pro Pants - Pebble


  • Showing 48 of 133 View All

    High performance adventure clothing

    With more than 50 years’ experience refining the durability of our men’s travel clothing, we’ve introduced and re-worked our distinctive fabric technologies so that they adapt to the body as well as adverse weather conditions, helping you to continue along the trail, fully protected and seriously comfortable.

    Advanced adventure clothing technology

    Looking for impressive waterproof qualities in your men’s outdoor apparel? We offer the real deal when it comes to keeping the rain at bay. With our AquaDry fabric technology, you can expect men’s adventure clothing that’s both water tight and breathable.

    When it comes to packing light for your next trip, rely on our CompressLite range. Made with feather-light ClimaPlus fill, it traps body heat without the extra weight that can hold you back. For instant warmth when you hit the trail, the men’s outdoor clothing in our CompressLite range is the smart choice for outdoor exploration.

    We’ve got you covered when it comes to hotter climates too. We offer men’s outdoor clothing with advanced insect shield technology that will repel biting insects. With insect repellent treatment woven into the fabric of our NosiLife men’s outdoor clothing, you’re protected from pesky mosquitoes while you’re on the go.

    Men’s outdoor wear with a difference

    We strive to offer you outdoor clothing for men with a difference. Truly fit for purpose, the men’s travel clothing we provide has evolved over the past 50 years, as we’ve continued to inspire travel enthusiasts to go that extra mile and discover new terrain. Taking inspiration from our British heritage, we offer outdoor apparel for men that offers protection when you need it.

    Don’t let the weather keep you from exploration - take a look at our range of men’s outdoor clothing today.