Student Discount Offers 2015

Student Discount

Get student discount at Craghoppers today!

We’ve teamed up with Student Beans to give students a 20% discount off all Craghoppers clothing.

All you have to do to receive your Craghoppers student discount code is connect online with your student beans id to verify your student status – that’s it! This will you give you access to a Craghoppers discount code so you can buy Craghoppers clothing to prepare for your next trip.

How will you be using your Craghoppers’ student discount this summer?

Whether you’re planning your next hiking trip or organising your next backpacking adventure, you can find all the protective travel clothing you require for all climates and weather conditions. Use your student discount today for reduced prices on all the clothing and gear you will need for your trip this summer.

Volunteering in Africa

Are you volunteering in Africa this summer? Why not try our NosiLife collection, the world’s first and only permanent insect-repellent clothing range, to protect you against biting insects.

Tip 1. Barter for everything. Always start at least a quarter below their offer and know where your line is, if you’re not happy with their final price then walk away.

Tip 2. Never carry all your money in one place. This isn’t just for security reasons, its for bargaining as well. If they think you’ve got lots more money they won’t settle for a low price.

Tip 3. Eat local. This is especially true if you’re keeping to a low budget, don’t be afraid to eat the cooked foods at the road-side kiosks.

Backpacking in the far east

Planning a gap year backpacking through the far east? Check out our Travel Sun Protection range, UPF40+ protection from harmful UV rays.

Tip 1. Pack less. You’ll be tempted to pack lots of things ‘just incase’. Don’t. You won’t wear a lot of it anyway so why carry the extra luggage?

Tip 2. Ask for help. Maybe you’re lost or want some tips on where the best place is to eat, most people are only too happy to help if they can.

Tip 3. Avoid drinking local water out of the tap. The chances of it being as clean and safe as the West are pretty minimal. Do your research on the area you’re in and use bottled or filtered water for everything from drinking to brushing your teeth if you’re in any doubt.

At Craghoppers, we’ve been making travel and outdoor clothing for almost 50 years. Travel is in our DNA which is why we’re always keen to press on, pushing the boundaries of fabric technology and fine-tuning our product designs for improved performance, comfort and innovations, from super-light, insect-repellent hot-climate travel wear to super-insulating, weather-beating walking gear.

Our clothing is tried and tested by some of the best in the business. With customers all over the world, we continue to create clothing that’s designed to protect and perform in some of the toughest conditions on the planet.

For the best Craghoppers offers including a valid 2015 student discount, deals and voucher codes, connect online with your student beans ID today.


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