The Craghoppers Film Prize 2018 Winners

From a stellar entry level of amazing talent, our judges chose these inspiring short filmmakers for the coveted Craghoppers Film Prize 2018.

"Thank you. There is power in truth!."
Paul Benallick - Executive Producer

Hush Little Baby

Camille Hollett-French

Young mother Lacey visits her father in a high security jail, where he’s serving a sentence for a terrible crime. As her father tries to make normal conversation the tense and stilted dialogue is as much as what is not being said than is and the tremendous hurt and damage caused by her father’s crime is palpable. Troubling, emotional drama that deals with issues that are made even more poignant in light of the Me Too movement.

Camille is a young Trinidadian-Canadian actor, writer and director from Toronto. This directorial debut is part of a three short film series entitled ‘Her Story’ which she writes, directs and acts in. The collection explores the shame associated with different elements of sex and sexuality and how they relate to us no matter our level of involvement.

All three stories are told from a female perspective and ask difficult questions: What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be a man? Are we born the way we are or are we products of our environment? What do we owe one another, if anything, as people living together in a society? Why do we hate? Why do we love? These are questions which we are all facing in the MeToo era.

"Thank you. Now we have funds for the next project and we will come to this competition with the next movie!"
Lukas Zweng - Producer

F**king Drama

Michael Podogil

An arty ‘Am-Dram’ performance goes spectacularly off-script when interrupted by its psychotic author. Director Michael Podogil keeps tension high in this heart-stopping Austrian thriller.

Directed by Michael Podogil - A mature student of Michael Haneke and Wolfgang Murnberger, Michael works as a director for TV and commercials. In 2017 he received a nomination for the BAFTA Student Film Awards and in 2018 won the Craghoppers student film prize.

F**king drama has since been picked up by Sky Germany.

"We all loved Game Changer. Animation is a great way to show short film."
Nicole BeeBee - Independent Media Consultant and Judge

Game Changer

Aviv Mano

A macho toy arcade prize is quick to prejudge a young girl who wants to win him, and goes on a life changing journey in attempt to stop her from winning enough tickets and taking him home.

Directed by Aviv Mano, in 2018 as a computer animation senior at Ringling College of Art and Design, one of the world’s leading animation colleges, which he graduated from earlier this year. Aviv has worked as an intern at Pixar Animation Studio and is a self-confessed toy lover.

The film cost $3,300 which he raised on kickstarter.