Kids' Raincoats & Waterproof Jackets

We know that children have the biggest adventures, and they’ll need outdoor wear that will protect them no matter the weather. Our range of kids’ raincoats is designed to keep your little adventurers safe and dry as they explore the world around them. When your kids head out into the countryside, they’ll need extra protection if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight kids’ raincoat to protect them from gentle showers, or a fleece-lined waterproof jacket to add a little extra warmth, you'll find what you need with our range of kid's waterproof jackets

Our kids’ raincoats are expertly designed to survive the rough and tumble of playtime. With a fresh and contemporary appearance, our kids’ waterproof jackets will be appropriate for both school adventures and weekend expeditions with the family. If your little ones don’t like wearing heavy, thick jackets, then our children’s lightweight rain jackets are perfect for packing inside a rucksack for emergencies.

Check out our range of kid's raincoats to kit out your little ones.

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