Whether you’re heading out to tropical climates or putting your best foot forward on an adventure closer to home, the recurring problems of heat, humidity and biting insects can affect even the most seasoned adventurers. At Craghoppers, we offer a great range of technologies that make sure you can enjoy your outdoor activities carefree.

Our men’s NosiLife jackets are designed and manufactured for travel, with built-in anti-insect treatment that offers outstanding defence against biting bugs – which lasts the lifetime of the garment. That’s why we only manufacture men’s anti-insect jackets with the very best innovative fabrics and materials. So with our anti-insect, you can compete with the elements whilst warding off bugs.

Our men’s hooded mosquito jackets are made with a traveller’s pursuits in mind, for ease of movement and durability so that you can rely on your jacket when you need it most – even when you can’t rely on the weather. We have a selection everyday jackets for day-to-day travel, to NosiLife Adventure jackets perfect for a range of outdoor activities.

We love making the most of the great outdoors too, which is why we understand the importance of having a well-thought-out wardrobe. Having the right anti-mosquito jacket is one of the first steps to making sure you’re kitted out with the right hiking gear before your next adventure – something that keeps bugs and insects at bay whilst protecting you from harmful UV-rays.

For unrivalled defence, shop the range of men’s NosiLife anti-insect jackets below.<

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