Travel smart with a pair of comfortable men’s NosiLife trousers from Craghoppers. We make anti-insect trousers for men with unrivalled technologies that will last well into your next trek through the forest, or an upcoming adventure through the desert.

Whatever the terrain, or climate, our men’s NosiLife trousers are designed to be your ultimate travel companion – our anti-insect technology provides outstanding, long-lasting defence against biting insects. With a pair of men’s NosiLife convertible trousers, you can cover your legs through long or never-ending grasses, and then zip them off into a pair of shorts once you hit the soft, sandy beaches. Our lightweight cargo trousers are also packed with practicality, with large side pockets for all the essentials.

NosiLife trousers are made with un-rivalled anti-insect technology incorporated into the fabric, so you can be assured that irritating insects will be kept at bay. Our collection of men’s NosiLife cargo trousers really does have every base covered – don’t risk heading out without your pair.

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Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Then you know that your walking trousers need to be comfortable, yet practical. That’s why our range of men’s NosiLife trousers are ideal. Perfectly fitting your body, you’ll be able to focus on the trail ahead without bugs and insects getting in your way. No matter the climate or terrain, we have NosiLife trousers suitable for every adventure. And when you combine the anti-insect membrane with protective technologies like SolarShield, MoistureControl and AquaDry, you’ll be well equipped to deal with whatever the weather brings.

If you’re looking for a balance between practicality and freedom, our men’s NosiLife zip-off trousers are just the trick. If you’re after a pair of agile, trail-ready trousers, our NosiLife stretch trousers are the choice for you. We have a pair of anti-insect walking trousers for every need.


With a technology that won’t wash away or fade, the men’s NosiLife trousers should be a permanent fixture in your travel rucksack – with the anti-insect technology lasting the lifetime of your garment. So come rain or shine, you know that your outdoor clothing will be with you every step of the way. This means you can travel safely with a pair of men’s NosiLife trousers that are proven to defend against mosquitoes and other biting insects, which can case life threatening diseases like Malaria.

What’s more, within our collection of men’s NosiLife trousers, you’ll find garments equipped with our SolarShield technology – which has been tried and tested to give you UPF40+ protection against harmful UV rays. That, combined with moisture control, will set you up for any warm weather adventure – all in one pair of NosiLife zip-off trousers.

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