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Our insect repellent & odour elimination treatment is built into our fabric and offers outstanding defence against biting insects. The renewable plant-based treatment lasts the lifetime of the garment. This garment contains a biocide with insect repellent properties. Active: Eucalyptus citriodora oil, hydrated, cyclized.

The NosiLife range offers an adventure-ready line of kit that has been designed to offer an effective defence against biting insects.

Craghoppers' unrivalled insect repellent technology is proven to defend against bites from insects like mosquitos. It is known that insects such as mosquitos can carry life-threatening illnesses such as malaria, dengue fever and zika virus.

New and Improved Technology

New and Improved Technology

• Dual technology - true insect repellent and built in odour elimination

• Lasts the lifetime of the garment

• The active ingredients are plant-based and from a renewable source

• Low toxicity chemistries

• Due to the mode of action, insects are unable to build up resistance to the active ingredient

How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

The new NosiLife technology contains an active ingredient that repels insects, so they do not dwell or land on the fabric, reducing the possibility of being bitten.

The additional odour elimination technology captures and neutralises body odours during wear so the garment stays fresher for longer. Both technologies are derived from a plant-based renewable source.

The active ingredients are applied using our unique application process designed specifically to ensure the treatment lasts the lifetime of the garment.

The Active Ingredient

Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil is the active repellent ingredient in NosiLife clothing. The active ingredient is approved by the European Biocides Product Regulation (BPR) 528/2012/EU. The supply chain works back to the farmers ensuring the availability and sustainability of the active. For example, insisting on only plant-based pesticides and fertilizers are used in the cultivation of Eucalyptus tree stock.

The technology is currently ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) level 1 certified and working towards level 3 approval.

The system is plant based, and waste treatment solution can go directly to the water treatment plant of the textile mill before re-use or discharge.

What Does It Repel?

What Does It Repel?

Nosilife technology repels the following insects:

• Mosquitos

• Midges

• Fleas

• Fruit flies

• Dust mites

• Ticks*

• Red ants

*The technology is an effective repellent to ticks, the fabric is tested by an independent 3rd party testing facility. Due to the insects nature, it is essential to cover any exposed skin with insect repellent clothing or lotion and ensure that the ends of trousers are tucked into Nosilife socks and all other openings are closed.

Whilst NosiLife does reduce the chance of being bitten, you still have to ensure that all uncovered skin is treated with an insect repellent lotion or spray.

Independently Tested

We have rigorously tested the insect repellent and odour elimination effects using third-party specialist entomology facilities and analytical companies.

All insect repellency test methods are based on World Health Organisation recommendations, and all testing facilities follow GLP - good laboratory practices protocols.

After Care

After Care

The NosiLife treatment remains effective for the lifetime of the garment. For best performance always follow the wash care instructions. We always recommend not to wash anything over 30 degrees.