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Our NosiLife clothing offers outstanding defence against most biting insects, for the lifetime of the garment. Our product is easy to wash and does not require any maintenance or treatment update, it is built-in the clothing. Our NosiLife products provide long lasting, durable and dependable clothing for any adventure.

Designed for use in hotter climates, our NosiLife range incorporates a moisture wicking technology to absorb moisture from the skin which keeps you cool and comfortable in the heat. The products also incorporate clever features such as cooling collars and waistbands, SolarShield protection collars and hidden pockets should be expected, though our products are still very lightweight and packable. We've thought of every dependable item an adventurer will need to hand.


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  • NosiLife Luna Tight - Charcoal
    NosiLife Luna Tight - Charcoal


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    As versatile as they are comfortable, our women’s anti-insect clothing is designed with you in mind. With anti-insect technology woven into the fabrics of a wide range of garments, you can remain present in the moment, uninhibited and leaving irritating bug bites far in the past.

    From anti-insect shirts for women, to jackets, socks, dresses and more, stay prepared for the warmer climates when pesky insects make an appearance. With anti-insect clothing for women battling against bugs, you can rest assured the days of relying solely on bug spray are behind you.


    With a technology that won’t wash away or fade, the Craghoppers NosiLife anti-insect clothing for women should be a permanent fixture in your travel rucksack. NosiLife clothing is your consistent travel companion for all year round, with the Craghoppers NosiLife anti-insect technology lasting for the lifetime of your garment. Travel safe with bug proof clothing, proven to defend against mosquitoes and other biting insects that can cause life threatening diseases such as Malaria.

    We take away the hassle of irritating bug bites with our anti-insect clothing for women. Keep the biting bugs at bay with our Craghoppers NosiLife women’s collection, including Craghoppers NosiLife women’s trousers, t-shirts, leggings and more.

    Found bug proof clothing perfect for your next expedition? Simply buy online, or learn more about NosiLife clothing today.