At Craghoppers, we pride ourselves on creating women’s anti-insect jackets that will help you compete with the elements whilst warding off bugs. That’s why we only manufacture women’s NosiLife jackets with the very best innovative fabrics and materials.

Our women’s insect-shield jackets are made with a traveller’s pursuits in mind, for ease of movement and durability so that you can rely on your jacket when you need it most – even if you can’t rely on the weather. From everyday jackets to outdoor gear that’s designed for adventure, all of our women’s NosiLife jackets have Craghoppers’ unrivalled anti-insect technology built in. Explore our selection of outdoor jackets for women online today.

Are you a travel enthusiast? We love making the most of the great outdoors too – and having the right outdoor jacket is one of the first steps to making sure you’re kitted out with the right hiking gear. For something that keeps bugs and insects at bay whilst protecting you from harmful UV-rays, we’ve got you covered. Shop the range of women’s NosiLife jackets below today.

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As versatile as it is comfortable, our women’s anti-insect clothing is designed with you in mind – combining practicality, comfort and style. The anti-insect technology is woven into the fabrics of our women’s NosiLife clothing, so that you can remain present in the moment and uninhibited, leaving irritating bug bites far in the past.

Our NosiLife women’s products include anti-insect shirts for women, as well as jackets, socks, dresses and more. Stay prepared for the warmer climates when pesky insects make an appearance and, with anti-insect clothing battling against bugs, you can rest assured the days of relying solely on bug spray are behind you.


Our anti-insect technology is unrivalled and, thanks to its construction, it won’t wash away or fade over time. The Craghoppers NosiLife anti-insect clothing for women should be a permanent fixture in your travel rucksack – and it’s easily packable, so you won’t even know it’s there. Our women’s NosiLife clothing is your consistent travel companion for all year round, with the Craghoppers NosiLife anti-insect technology lasting for the lifetime of your garment.

We make sure that you can travel safe with women’s insect-shield clothing, proven to defend against mosquitoes and other biting insects that can cause life threatening diseases, such as Malaria. Selected items in the women’s NosiLife collection also offer SolarShield sun protection to ward off the sun.

So take away the hassle of irritating bug bites with our anti-insect clothing for women. Keep the biting bugs at bay with our Craghoppers NosiLife women’s collection, including NosiLife women’s trousers, t-shirts, leggings and more.

Found anti-insect clothing perfect for your next expedition? Order your outdoor gear online, or learn more about NosiLife clothing today.