Specifically designed to withstand the test of a demanding travel schedule, our women’s anti-insect shirts are reliable and durable. So if you’re embarking on a jungle expedition or even just a more leisurely hike, our range of women’s NosiLife shirts offer all the defence and comfort you’ll need – whether that’s UV-protection through our Solarshield technology, or the anti-insect technology incorporated into our women's NosiLife shirts.

If you’re looking for unrivalled defence against biting bugs and insects, take a look at our range of women’s anti-insect shirts and order online, ready for your next expedition.

Available in a variety of styles and colours, you’ll be able to find the ideal women’s anti-insect shirt for you. From pastel hues of green and blue to earthy creams and neutrals, we’ve got you covered. Browse our range of women’s NosiLife shirts, perfect to pair with one of our versatile NosiLife women’s gilets if you’re looking to layer up.

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They are as versatile as they are comfortable. Our women’s NosiLife shirts are designed with you in mind. The anti-insect treatment is built into the fabric to offer outstanding defence against biting insects – keeping bugs at bay and you on the move.

Pick up a NosiLife shirt for women for long-lasting defence in hot climates. Our NosiLife Adventure shirts come with short and long sleeves, so that you can choose the most comfortable option for you. What’s more, the anti-insect shirts are designed to withstand the rigours of the trail, without breaking a sweat. So stay prepared for the warmer climates when pesky insects make an appearance. With your anti-insect shirt battling against bugs while you move, you no longer have to put your faith in bug spray.


The Craghoppers anti-insect shirts are equipped with an unrivalled technology that won’t wash away or fade, making them the ideal travel companion all year round. With a women’s NosiLife shirt, you can rest assured that the technology will last the lifetime of the garment – letting up travel safe with an anti-insect shirt that’s proven to defend against mosquitoes and other biting insects. So make your anti-insect shirt a permanent fixture in your travel rucksack – they pack small and always emerge looking fresh and ready for action.

We take away the hassle of irritating bug bites with our women’s NosiLife shirts, so that you can keep the biting bugs at bay with minimal effort. So before you head out on your next hot-weather adventure, check out the entire Craghoppers NosiLife women’s collection – including NosiLife women’s trousers, t-shirts, leggings and more.

Once you’ve found the perfect anti-insect shirt for your next trip, you can order online. Learn more about NosiLife clothing today.