Are you the outdoorsy type? You’ll love our range of women’s waterproof jackets, complete with various colours, sizes and styles. Built to shrug off showers with ease, our classic showerproof jackets, lightweight packable jackets and stretch waterproof jackets for women deliver reliable performance in the wettest conditions – they won’t let you down. So whether you’re heading on a hike, a stroll around town or some other outdoor activity, you can find the perfect women’s waterproof jacket for the job. Shop our collection of women’s waterproof coats and jackets today.

Our women’s waterproof jackets are designed with a clever AquaDry technology that promises to protect you from the wettest of downpours. How? Its membrane forces water droplets to roll right off the material, instead of the damp seeping through onto your skin. So whether you’re after light protection for an afternoon stroll, or a women’s rain jacket for your next camping trip, you can rest assured that we are continuing to improve our women’s waterproof jacket designs to ensure that your outdoor clothing never fails.

Not only are you kept dry from the rain, but our AquaDry women’s waterproof jackets are also breathable – meaning no more getting hot and clammy in your outdoor jacket.

Browse the latest women’s breathable waterproofs at Craghoppers below, featuring a range of technologies, designs and styles.


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When you want to get outdoors but the wet weather gets in your way, our women’s lightweight waterproof jackets are the perfect solution. Expertly and technically designed to protect you from the elements, we have a whole range of women’s waterproof jackets available at Craghoppers – choose a style best suited to your lifestyle. Feel the cosy benefit from one of our longer women’s waterproof jackets, or choose a women’s rain jacket with a hood for extra protection. In a classic parka style, a longline waterproof jacket will give you extra coverage in the rain, whether you’re out walking the dog or trekking the mountain ranges of Snowdonia.

Or keep it simple and choose a lightweight waterproof poncho, a great alternative to waterproof jackets for women when you’re packing light for a music festival this summer.


Wrap yourself up in a lightweight women’s waterproof jacket, whatever the outdoor activity. You can rely on the advanced fabric construction that will protect you from the wind and the rain as you hike through the hills. Fend off the weather with adjustable hems and cuffs that will lock in your body heat, but not restrict movement for a comfortable and stretchable fit.

If you’re heading out where there could be unpredictable weather, grabbing one of our warm waterproof jackets for women is a must. Despite the weightless construction, our women’s lightweight rain jackets are designed to keep you wrapped up and warm. So lock the heat in and stay cosy as you explore.

For adventures where you need a trusty lightweight women’s waterproof jacket to invest in, choose from our range of women’s 3 in 1 jackets – a trusty combination of warmth, weatherproofing and all-round protection.

Still haven’t found a snug, warm waterproof jacket that will protect you from the wind? The search ends here. You’ll love our collection of women’s waterproof jackets with the added practicality of a cosy hood.


Stay warm in one of our women’s waterproof jackets – browse our varied selection of packable and insulated waterproof jackets above. Looking for a lightweight outdoor jacket or a more insulated coat? Check out our entire range of women’s jackets and find the best fit for your next adventure.

Or maybe you need something more versatile? Our 3 in 1 jackets allow you to quickly and easily adapt to the weather by removing or adding layers – the ultimate women’s breathable waterproof jackets.