A day in the life of: Kevin Richardson

A day in the life of: Kevin Richardson

Ever wondered what life is like for a Lion Whisperer? With Kevin Richardson as a Craghoppers ambassador, wonder no more. From his extraordinary life in South Africa caring for lions, hyenas and other exciting wildlife creatures, Kevin has become an internet sensation and has captured the hearts of the world with his astounding footage. See beautiful bonds formed between him and his lions and appreciate the beauty in his work to save the lives of endangered animals.

About Kevin Richardson

As a devoted animal behaviourist, Kevin donates his time and extensive efforts to caring for endangered native animals in South Africa. His relationships with animals, and lions especially, are famous worldwide – it’s easy to see how The Lion Whisperer earned his name.

Kevin told Craghoppers that one of his proudest achievements was opening The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary – an organisation put in place to provide sanctuary and a caring home to rescued lions, leopards, and hyenas.

Through education, awareness and funding, Kevin is striving to prevent the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa. Despite Kevin’s, and others attempts, African lions are still considered as a vulnerable species with a decreasing population. The lions are endangered mostly due to habitat loss, human-predator conflict, the illegal bush meat trade and unscrupulous trophy hunting. Kevin’s goal is to counteract the disappearance of lions with further education and places of sanctuary for these majestic animals.

As a popular social media influencer, The Lion Whisperer keeps his fans up to date with his latest work predominantly through his YouTube channel, but also through his active presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. As a follower of Kevin, you can expect to see astounding footage of him caring for animals, forging an unbreakable bond of trust between himself and the carnivores.

You can also get involved in his latest attempts to stop animal cruelty or prevent unnecessary loss of life. For example, Kevin openly campaigns against the YuLin Dog Meat festival – frequently posting to ensure people are made aware and as an attempt to try and stop the annual festival.

Recent Updates from Kevin

In his latest YouTube videos, you can see Kevin caring for Naiobi, a female lioness who has been undergoing eye surgery. The care and devotion he shows for her in these videos is awe-inspiring, as viewers can see Naiobi before, during and after her surgery. After the ordeal is over, Kevin expresses his relief and he says: “No one wants to see their baby suffering… it tugs on the heart strings.”

As if setting up a lion and wildlife sanctuary is not enough, Kevin is constantly on the go making new plans. He recently announced his latest project, Rra Ditau – a luxury tented camp on the Welgedacht farm in Dinokeng that translates from Tswana to ‘Father of Lions.’

The Rra Ditau complex is a way for people to get up close to the wildlife native to South Africa. Designed by his wife, Mandy Richardson, the luxury mobile tented camp, commonly known as ‘glampcamp’ encourages people to enjoy and feel close to larger predators that roam the Dinokeng Big Five reserve, just North of Pretoria. Here, you could have the opportunity to witness roaming wild animals in the reserve whilst remaining in the luxury tranquil environment of the tents.

Craghoppers Ambassador: Kevin The Lion Whisperer

We are proud to have Kevin Richardson as one of our ambassadors. Kevin is an asset to have on board the Craghoppers ambassador team, with his bravery to speak for vulnerable species and his extraordinary ability to build lasting bonds with the lions he cares for.

Kevin has been a Craghoppers ambassador since 2017, and relies on his Craghoppers kit for comfort and protection as he travels and works. He recently took to Drakensburg on a hike in the middle of winter armed with just his fitness and his Craghoppers clothing. Having climbed to the top of the Organ Pipes – a pass in Drakensburg fit for climbing, hiking and mountaineering – the unwieldy weather evoked a snow storm, resulting in both him and his friends having to camp on top of the mountain. With their original plan of staying in a cave extinguished with the cold, they resorted to camping in the cold for the night. Luckily, Kevin’s Craghoppers protective clothing kept him cosy and warm throughout their expedition, and the cold bared no issue – Kevin added: “My Craghoppers gear performed well in minus 20 degree conditions and I was rather impressed.”

Kevin’s favourite pieces of Craghoppers kit

Kevin has stated that his favourite pieces of Craghoppers kit are the NosiLife Adventure Shirt and Convertible trousers. Perfect for battling against irritating bugs, NosiLife kept Kevin on track for adventure, whilst keeping cool in his convertible trousers, adding a level of flexibility and comfort into his protection.

What’s next for The Lion Whisperer?

So what does the Lion Whisperer have lined up next? From setting up his own wildlife holiday camp to ensuring the safety of wildlife animals in the South African plains, Kevin leads a busy life. But he’s not stopping there.

Kevin plans to finish setting up The Kevin Richardson Foundation this year, as well as expanding on The Lion Whisperer TV YouTube channel, which has gained popularity over the last year with over 360,000 subscribers. His videos give viewers an accurate insight into his extraordinary life, which often gain over 100,000 views per video. He has also told Craghoppers he is planning a road trip to find evidence to support the idea of an African lion census.

With so many achievements to date, we are sure we’ll be seeing many more impressive accomplishments from Kevin and his wildlife sanctuary. To learn more about Kevin Richardson, take a look at Craghopper’s Q&A session with him, and find out about his passions, his best achievements and more.

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