Whether your on your way to a music festival or out on a family camping trip, sleeping bags are an essential piece of kit to ensure that your dream holiday doesn’t become a nightmare. At Craghoppers we understand how important a good night sleep is whilst camping, so we have created a wide range of sleeping bags and camping blankets that are designed to keep you warm and comfortable on long nights around your camp site.

Our sleeping bags are insulated and designed for ultimate comfort. Our NosiLife Eco 100 & NosiLife Eco 250 sleeping bags are available in a range of colours and are manufactured so that they provide you with the insulation you need in the colder temperatures, and can also be unzipped to provide you with the ventilation you need on the warmer summer nights. Our sleeping bags are also designed to be easily packable and are equipped with an internal zip pocket for a flashlight, book or your phone! Shop our full range of sleeping bags and camping blankets below!

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Sometimes with the colder temperatures a single sleeping bag isn’t enough! However, at Craghoppers we prepare you for situations like this with our range of camping blankets and insulated throws. Our camping blankets are designed to be used with or NosiLife Eco sleeping bags via a studded interactive system, meaning you can clip our insulated throws to your sleeping bag for extra warmth and safety! All our camping blankets are equipped with a pillow and foot pouch for added comfort and similar to our sleeping bags, these camping blankets are easily packable and are included with a stow bag and carry handle. Our range of camping blankets mean you can explore the wilderness in any season without compromising on comfort.

Lightweight Sleeping Bag Liners

A perfect accompaniment to our sleeping bags, our NosiLife sleeping bag liners provide you with that extra added comfort if your campsite is on uneven ground or in a less comfortable spot. Packable and lightweight, our sleeping bag liners feature NosiLife technology meaning that those pesky insects won’t bother you when you’re getting your well-deserved shut eye.

Once you have found your perfect sleeping bag, camping blanket or sleeping bag liner, why not pair it with a piece of our high quality camping furniture?