The Craghoppers’ International Women’s Day Film Club selection

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we invite you to explore these powerful, creative and well executed short films which showcase some familiar faces in their lead roles.

As we continue to support the arts, in particular short film, we wanted to share these thought-provoking films led by exceptionally talented female actors.

Enjoy our selection of films - please note there is some adult content in Last Dates.


It’s time for harsh reality as Judy struggles to come to terms with a recent cancer diagnosis while fulfilling her family commitments as a wife and mother. Gritty British drama starring Maxine Peake.

Last Dates

Three couples go on three separate dates as they reach the tipping point in their relationships - it’s likely to be downhill all the way from here. Dark. British comedy with all-star cast including Rosie Jones and Rachel Stubbings.


An emergency services operator tries to keep her head when helping a woman and her 3 year old son survive a fire that’s sweeping through their house. Gritty, emotional, edge-of-your-seat British drama starring Katie Dickie.