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Whether you’re on a gentle walk in the country or a more adventurous stroll through the hills, a men’s half zip fleeces is the ideal addition to your outdoor wear to keep you warm and comfortable. Made specifically for insulation purposes, our men’s half-zip fleece pullovers provide warmth through a 100% polyester inner lining, designed to be extra soft for added comfort. Our men’s half zip fleece are also designed to be lightweight and foldable, so you can pack it away with ease along with your trusted men's waterproof jacket to ensure you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you.

Our men’s half zip pullovers are designed to keep you warm and protected in style. Our textured pile half-zip fleece provides you with a snug, soft fit, while we have other modern styles including ournrecycled clothing for a practical yet style-conscious options. Available in a selection of colours, from autumnal oranges, reds and greens to the more neutral black, grey and navy, there’s a men’s half-zip fleece for everyone, no matter your style preferences.

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