Get the best of both worlds with a pair of versatile men’s zip off trousers. An invaluable addition to every trial bag, our men’s zip off trousers cover all the bases so you can adapt to variable conditions on the trek. Our men’s convertible trousers enable you to effortlessly switch from short to long leg length in response to prevailing conditions and get double the value without twice the price tag.

Tired of having to decide between the longer leg length or your shorts for your walks? Meet your new best friend, men’s zip off walking trousers. Not only are they ideal for when you’re short on space in your rucksack next to your walking poles, but our men’s zip off trousers are also highly practical for almost any excursion, with up to nine pockets and built-in anti-insect technology.

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Team high performance with versatility in the form of our men’s zip off walking trousers. Whatever the setting, a pair of men’s convertible walking trousers gives you the option to change things up – zip off your trouser legs when the sun comes out and neatly tuck them away in your rucksack. Our men’s zip off trousers save you the need to find somewhere to change, saving you time and energy.

Need some additional defence against bugs while moving off-trail? Transform your shorts back into your hiking trousers to keep biting insects at bay. The great thing about our men’s zip off hiking trousers is that they’re cleverly designed. You’ll find plenty of zips to give you more options and less to pack. Invest in men’s zip off walking trousers for a practical addition to your outdoor wardrobe.


When you’re planning your next trip and luggage space is tight, invest in a pair of men’s zip off trousers – ideal when your adventure doesn’t allow for extra baggage. Choose our NosiLife men’s convertible walking trousers when you’re headed to sunnier climes – but rest assured you can still use our men’s zip off walking trousers in the UK.

Some of our men’s convertible walking trousers are designed with innovative NosiLife fabric technology. NosiLife provides a defensive barrier against bugs and insects. You can rely on our men’s zip off trousers to keep the bugs at a distance as you explore. And when you take a break from the trail and reach the beach? Simply transform your men’s zip off hiking trousers into a practical pair of men’s shorts.

Stylish, versatile, and providing ultimate performance, our men’s zip off walking trousers are cleverly designed to allow you to change at your own convenience – so you can focus on the obstacles ahead rather than whether you should have packed shorts (or trousers!).


Wherever you’re headed on your next adventure, rely on Craghoppers for your men’s zip off hiking trousers, handy when you need both leg lengths on the same hike. Our men’s zip off hiking trousers are a real favourite due to their excellent versatility.

Taking you from the trail to the beach, invest in a versatile pair of men’s zip off trousers today. Alternatively, take a look at our full men’s outdoor trousers range for more options.