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NosiLife fabric technology is designed to help keep you safe from biting insects - and the dangerous diseases they spread.

All information is correct as of June 2016.

What is NosiLife clothing?

NosiLife is Craghoppers insect protection clothing. Its active ingredients give a significant drop (≤ 90%) in mosquito bites and feeding, and its anti-bacterial effect combats odour.

How does Nosilife work on clothing?

As soon as insects touch the fabric they will be repelled. It is effective on all insects from the Mosquito & Sand Fly to the Midge.

The world’s first and only permanent insect protection clothing range.

Is insect protection clothing safe?

Yes. The system was originally developed for use against dust mites and is used world-wide in hospitals and bedding products.

How long does it last?

NosiLife is permanent.

What are the active ingredients?

The insect protection is a type of Permethrin. This is a synthetic pyrethroid.

The antimicrobial effect comes from an ingredient often used in hand wash and other skin care products.

Both are biocides.

The technology is non-toxic and promotes a “cover-up” attitude to prevent diseases spread by insects.