If you are in the European Union and you cancel your order within fourteen days after the day you get your goods, and you cancel the whole order, we will refund the standard postage and packing costs you paid as part of that order (if any), in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations.

You need to notify us within the 14 day cancellation period via written communication to comply. We accept email communication as notification

Please use this form to notify us and fill in all relevant details:

Please Note:

If you paid for premium or express delivery, we will only refund the cost of standard delivery. You will have to pay the costs of sending the order back to us.

We will not refund any postage and packing charges if you cancel after the fourteen days allowed under the Distance Selling Regulations, however, if you only cancel part of your order this will not apply.

If your order was placed after the 14 day cancellation period, but before the 28 day return cut-off, take a look at our returns information her