Why the CompressLite Packaway Jacket Should Be Your Outdoor Go-To

With our new Spring/Summer collection in full bloom, we’re taking a look at one of our most loved insulated jackets – the Compresslite packaway jacket. Throughout this post, we’ll be giving you some handy tips on how to use your packaway jacket, as well as taking a look at some of your favourite moments with your Compresslite Jacket.

At Craghoppers we have continued to work on our CompressLite technology to provide you with a lightweight, easily packable piece of kit that doesn’t compromise on performance. This leaves you with an excellent trail companion that you can throw in your rucksack wherever your next outdoor pursuit takes you.

We wanted to give you a detailed look at the CompressLite, so that you can get to grips with the technology and see how the Craghoppers’ CompressLite jacket could be your new go-to outdoor jacket.

How To Fold Away Your CompressLite Packaway Jacket

Had trouble compacting packaway jackets in the past? Here are some tips from the Craghoppers’ team on how to pack away your Craghoppers’ packaway jacket. With the CompressLite, it’s a doddle.

  • Step one: Take your packaway jacket and lay it out flat on the ground with the front zip facing up.
  • Step Two: Take each arm in turn and fold them in on themselves towards the centre of the jacket, not forgetting to tuck the hood in on itself too.
  • Step Three: Now fold each side of the jacket in on itself towards the centre of the jacket.
  • Step Four: Fold the entire jacket in half from left to right, squashing down the fill as you go.
  • Step Five: Now fold in half again from top to bottom.
  • Step Six: Take the end of the jacket and tightly roll it. Now all that’s left to do is to pop your CompressLite jacket into its handy stuff sack.
    A few simple folds and rolls, and your CompressLite jacket is neatly tucked away.

Why the CompressLite Is An Outdoor Must-Have


Super-lightweight construction fit for the trail.
At Craghoppers we share your passion for the outdoors and know that space is limited in your rucksack. We also know that being weighed down by heavy gear while out on the trail just isn’t an option. That’s why one of the all-out benefits of our CompressLite jacket is its feather-light weight. At less than 500 grams, it doesn’t weigh you down or hold you back.

Insulating properties that keep you snug.
Even though CompressLite is super-lightweight, it doesn’t scrimp on insulation. It’s the ideal softshell jacket that you can throw on as the wind picks up. Alternatively, it makes for a versatile inner layer beneath a winter coat for harsher environments.

Packed with a synthetic fill that imitates the natural properties of down, the Craghoppers’ CompressLite jacket is an instant insulator. It ensures your core body heat is trapped with an elasticated sleeve trim and hood that traps warm air close to the skin, keeping you warm despite unpredictable weather. Pull the elasticated waist to make sure there’s no chance of the wind chill reaching your core.

Pack down and stow away.
Worried about fitting an insulating jacket into your rucksack? There’s no need. The Craghoppers’ CompressLite packaway hooded jacket has been constructed to be squashed down into its accompanying stuff sack. Once packed away inside its stuff sack, it’s a mere 20 cm high, so it’s easy to tuck away in your rucksack and store for your next hike.

Try the CompressLite out for yourself. Take a look at our latest men’s CompressLite jackets and women’s CompressLite jackets for your next Spring adventure.


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