Waterproof Insulated Adventure

At Craghoppers, we pride ourselves on providing men’s outdoor jackets that will help you compete with the elements – because we understand how important it is to have an outdoor wardrobe that has you covered. That’s why we only manufacture men’s hiking jackets with the very best in innovative fabrics and materials.

Having the right men’s hiking jacket in your walking wardrobe is key for making the most of the great outdoors. So browse our wide range of outdoor jackets for men to make sure you’re kitted out with the right hiking gear for your next adventure. Looking for something that’s insulated, practical, and even waterproof? We’ve got you covered.

Our men’s outdoor jackets are made with an adventurer’s pursuits in mind, for ease of movement and durability so that you can rely on your kit when you need it most. From lightweight waterproof jackets for men to 3-in-1 triclimate men’s outdoor jackets, there’s a style to suit every climate – so to find the right fit for you,, explore some of the best outdoor jackets for men online today.


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4 wide
3 wide
  • Jarett Jacket - Black
    Jarett Jacket - Black


  • Hanson Jacket - Blue Navy
    Hanson Jacket - Blue Navy


  • Cromarty Jacket - Dark Navy
    Cromarty Jacket - Dark Navy


  • Aiken Jacket - Parka Green
    Aiken Jacket - Parka Green


  • Lorton Jacket - Dark Navy
    Lorton Jacket - Dark Navy


  • Aiken Jacket - Blue Navy
    Aiken Jacket - Blue Navy


  • Explore Jacket - Blue Navy
    Explore Jacket - Blue Navy


  • ExpoLite Jacket - Black
    ExpoLite Jacket - Black


  • Lorton Jacket - Coast Grey
    Lorton Jacket - Coast Grey


  • Lorton Jacket - Bottle Green
    Lorton Jacket - Bottle Green


  • Monmouth Jacket - Dark Navy
    Monmouth Jacket - Dark Navy


  • Atlas Jacket - Black
    Atlas Jacket - Black


  • ExpoLite Jacket - Blue Navy
    ExpoLite Jacket - Blue Navy


  • Explore Jacket - Sriracha
    Explore Jacket - Sriracha


  • Orion Jacket - Blue Navy
    Orion Jacket - Blue Navy


  • Orion Jacket - Black
    Orion Jacket - Black


  • Oswin Hooded Jacket - Black
    Oswin Hooded Jacket - Black


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    Whether you're looking for men's insulated jackets for cooler travel or men's lightweight coats for hot (but unpredictable) weather, choose from our wide range of outdoor men's jackets. With a great selection to choose from, you’re sure to find the one that will suit your requirements and surroundings.

    For hotter climates, we have a variety of men's lightweight coats and jackets in a selection of colours and styles – including plain but classic navy and black, to fun colour blocks and khaki greens. Perfect for the seasoned adventurer, these men's hiking jackets act as a second skin to protect you from showers.

    Made with resilient stretch material, our men’s outdoor jackets will help to control your temperature by wicking away moisture, and will also keep insects and bugs at bay – what more could you want from your men’s hiking jacket?. But if you’re looking for a thin layer of insulation, filter out your search and Why not also explore our range of men's lightweight jackets.

    Before you head off, be sure to treat yourself to some sun protective clothing the secret to hot-climate adventure.


    Hot travel not your thing? We also offer a great selection of men’s hiking coats, better suited to cold climates and snowy weather.

    Discover a selection of men's insulated jackets, – including men's outdoor jackets with a fleece lining –, that are both lightweight and wind resistant to keep you warm and protected from harsh winds when hiking in difficult conditions. Finding the right outdoor jackets for men can be tricky, and we know how difficult it can be to pack thick, warm jackets when you need to.

    This is why we make sure that our insulating men's hiking coats are easily packable, saving you space when you're on the move. Our Compresslite outdoor coats for men are great for colder climates. Made with ClimaPlus materials, they’re manufactured with advanced insulating layers and a water-resistant finish, making them the ideal men’s hiking jackets for winter exploration. What’s more, we also offer a selection of hooded jackets to provide extra protection against the harsh winds – so that you can stay on the move, whatever the weather.

    Planning outdoor excursions, but struggling to find some men’s hiking jackets that will keep you cosy and warm out on the icy trail? You’re in the right place. Shop for your favourite styles and colours in our selection for the ultimate comfort when you’re outdoors. Because when you can’t rely on the weather, you can rely on your men’s outdoor coats for protection.


    For those who need optimum protection, we also stock outdoor coats for men that are both waterproof and breathable, with plenty of storage to keep everything you need with you. If you’re looking for men’s lightweight jackets that will be suitable in the countryside, as well as on a winter’s commute to work, browse our selection of quilted men’s jackets they’re fully insulated, yet comfortable and smart for everyday use.

    Browse our range of outdoor jackets for men to find the garment that will best protect you on your next trip. And once you’ve found the men’s outdoor jacket for you, shop our full range of men’s outdoor clothing so you’re fully kitted out and ready for action.