Charity Projects

We believe in giving back, wherever we can. Which is why charity is such a big part of what we do… and this takes many forms. From the small stuff like supplying kit to the hundreds of selfless people taking on charitable challenges for a good cause, to the long-term provision of kit and financial support to conservation projects and research expeditions throughout the world.

Simply put, we’re always happy to get stuck in and do our bit. Whether it’s conservation efforts aimed at keeping the planet a wild and natural place, or public health initiatives designed to ensure the health and happiness of people in other countries, we feel good when we do good.

Cycling For Rangers is a group of four friends; Charlie, Will, Will and Theo, who will be setting off on a journey cycling from Johannesburg to Nairobi to raise awareness and funds in support of park rangers across sub-Saharan Africa.

The snaking route they’ve put together will see them travel more than 8,000km through 9 countries and 10 national parks, with the aim of speaking to some of the rangers who are on the front-line fighting poaching every day. The group will be documenting every single part of their journey through a feature length documentary, which will be released upon their return.

Learn more about the Cycling For Rangers challenge here