Walking With The Wounded

I have always had to be personally invested in the organisation I am working for. Coming from a background in Sales, I know the importance passion has on encouraging others to “buy into” your proposition. That philosophy is no different now that
I am in a Fundraising capacity. Through representing Walking With The Wounded, I became acutely aware that my absence of knowledge around homelessness left me feeling fraudulent when encouraging others to join my charity’s cause in supporting
veterans that have been left mentally and socially disadvantaged because of serving their country.

With this in mind, I recently slept outdoors in Manchester. My journey was an easy one. Sleeping out at Lancashire County Cricket Club, I was not subject to the grittiness attributed to the city centre. I came prepared for the elements and was
relatively sheltered. Overall, I made my experience as good as it could be. Despite that, it was a humbling one. Laying there with the concrete floor digging into my hips, the noises of my surroundings were amplified to me. People talking, their
faces unclear in the darkness and the direction hard to decipher. Cages being rolled from deliveries of food. People brushing past me as they walked by. It was hard not to feel vulnerable even though rationally, I knew there was no need to be. I
spent all night thinking about getting home and that is when it hit me; how incomprehensible it is for most us to imagine not having a place to call home.

WWTW supports those who have served in the Armed Forces and their families, empowering them to regain their independence, thrive and contribute in our communities.



Walking With The Wounded Walking With The Wounded Walking With The Wounded Walking With The Wounded