10 minutes with Kyle Dempsey

Lifestyle and Outdoor photographer, Kyle Dempsey, channels his passion for the outdoors and his natural sense of adventure through his Instagram (which, notably, has doubled in following in the past few months); “I need the outdoors in my life constantly. Its where I come up with new ideas, get fresh air, and connect with the world around me.”

To get to know Kyle a little better, we asked him a few questions about his favourite places to explore, along with what inspired the beginning of his career as a photographer.


Crags: What inspired you to take up photography?

I’ve always been into visual creativity and expression. When I was at school for advertising, I was the guy who filmed the commercials and photographed the ads. Through that, I decided I wanted to dive further into conceptual and niche scene building. That’s where my photography path began to stem from.


What do the outdoors mean to you?

I need the outdoors in my life constantly. It’s where I clear my head, where I come up with new ideas, get fresh air and connect with the world around me. I make sure I spend multiple hours outside everyday in order to keep my mind right.


Where’s your favourite place to explore?

My favourite place to explore is probably the western United States. Though I love exploring the Berkshires of Massachusetts, which is where I’m from, there’s something so exciting about the Wild West that gives me an indescribable feeling of wanderlust.




Is there anywhere you haven’t been yet, that you’d love to visit?

The next places I want to hit are western Canada, Alaska, and Ireland & Scotland.


What advice would you give to any aspiring outdoor photographers?

My advice is to go out and shoot every single day. Study the greats, learn from their failures and successes and blend aspects of your favourite photographers into your own personal style.


What do you look for in a winter garment, especially coats/jackets?

I need style and functionality in my winter gear, whether it’s hidden pockets or just overall quality. I need my jackets to look clean and sharp, as well as warm and wind-resistant.


Do you have any specific comfort or something that follows you on all of your travels? (a special item of clothing, piece of equipment etc?)

 Lately I’ve been wearing my Craghoppers Compresslite jacket in the cold autumn mornings and absolutely love it. Other things I always bring on my travels are some warm classic blankets.





You can follow Kyle’s adventures here


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