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5 Benefits to Listening to Nature Sounds

It’s no secret that the past 12 months have been a struggle; being unable to visit the people and places we love has taken a mental and physical toll on many. So to help bring your mind and body back to relaxation, how does the soothing sounds of trickling water and rustle of leaves sound? 

It has been proven that immersing in the sounds of Mother Nature can significantly reduce stress hormones and boost a positive mind set. Nature noises and green spaces are known to bring a calm state of mind and positively impact our well-being.  In fact, the National Trust found that listening to woodland sounds for just one minute resulted in people feeling 30% more relaxed and anxiety levels dropped.

So how does it work? These calming and tranquil sounds of the great outdoors alter connections in our brain that reduce our body’s natural fight-or-flight instinct. Nature sounds act as a distraction away from day-to-day anxiety and worries, redirecting our tensions and stresses outward to objects and movements outside. Through heart-rate monitors, apps and brain scans these studies have been carried out and proven, however, why not explore the outdoors and test these methods yourself? 

Here are five ways to immerse yourself in the wonderful sounds of the natural world. 

  1. Discover new woodland sounds – Take a walk and tap into the different and unusual echoes of the forest. Listen out for the rustle of leaves and animals busy bustling away – a sign that spring is coming!
  2. Connect with nature in a new way – Embrace the natural sounds and create Zen with the body and mind by doing yoga or meditation in an outdoor space. A traditional approach is to sit under a tree and allow yourself to connect with wildlife while taking deep breaths and engaging with the sounds of tree leaves rustle together in the wind. 
  3. Follow the rippling streams – The sound of running water aids in diminishing depression and water sounds have been used within meditation practice for years, it is known to encourage a more peaceful pace of thought. Plus, hiking up to a waterfall can be half of the fun!
  4. Switch off and look up – Take some time away from tech and alter your view from looking down to looking up. Observe and listen to the birds as they call to one another from the trees. Bird songs play a subconscious role in our stress recovery and enforces our innate connection with nature. 
  5. Search for your sound – There are many meditation apps and playlists that have pre-recorded nature sounds so you can pick the right one for you to unwind to. Or even better, why not check out our Spotify playlist for inspiration?

Feel the difference mentally and physically by exploring the soundscape of Mother Nature where she can be the key to a happier and healthier life.  Venture into the great outdoors and discover the simple sounds of trees in the wind, the trickle of running rivers and the chatter of bird calls to relieve stress, create positivity and generate a relaxed state of mind.


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