A Beginner’s Guide To Fishing

A Beginner’s Guide To Fishing: Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to take up fishing, but unsure where to start? Have you thought that fishing could be the hobby for you, but you just don’t know how to get involved? We’ve got you covered. From learning tricky techniques to knowing exactly what equipment you should take with you, there is a whole lot more to fishing than just throwing a fishing rod into the water and hoping for the best.

Guide to fishing: before you go

Planning on taking your first fishing trip? You’re going to need a fishing licence. More specifically, you need a rod fishing licence to fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel with a rod and line in. Don’t be put off by the thought of getting a licence – it might sound complicated, but in reality it’s easy!

You can do it online: you can buy a licence for 1 day, 8 days or 12 months – depending on your level of commitment to your newfound hobby. Once you’ve bought your fishing licence, you will need to obtain the landowner’s permission. Want to go fishing in Scotland? Unless you want to fish in the Border Esk region, you don’t need a licence – all you need is the landowner’s permission.

Beginner fishing gear

Wondering what should be a part of your beginners’ fishing kit? It’s important to only take what you need with you – there are so many fishing accessories you could take, but there’s no need to go all out for your first trip. Stick to the essentials for now – a few key pieces of beginner fishing gear and some vital equipment is all you really need.

Beginner fishing rod
Fishing Rod

As part of your beginner’s fishing kit, float rods are recommended. These are long and thin, which allow you to cast over a great distance. Be sure to select a rod around 12 feet long – giving you the best combination of reaching long distances and not being too difficult to handle. Want the best beginner fishing rod you can get? Choose one made out of fibreglass or carbon fibre – these lightweight options are delicate enough to hook small fish, but have enough strength to help you pull in the largest fish.

Top Tip: The best beginner fishing rods should have as many rings on it as its length in feet. For example, a 12 foot rod should have 12 rings. When the rod is under tension, the rings help it keep a smooth arc.

Beginner fishing line

Attach the fishing line to your rod and hook up your bait. Beginners are recommended to start with either a 3 or 4lb monofilament fishing line. Attach the line to your reel, for winding and unwinding your line. You’ll be able to see if your catch has been successful, or if you need to give it another go until you are able to bring in your catch.
Fishing Line

Best Fishing Baits

One of the most well-known and best fishing baits you can get is maggots. Maggots are available from most fishing supplies shops, and they’re normally bought in either pints or half pints. There are many different types of maggots, but for beginners, we would recommend getting a pint of mixed maggots (made up of different colours, but mostly red, white and yellow).

Worms make for excellent, inexpensive fishing bait. The best thing about using worms as bait is that you can source them yourself, and do so without spending any money. Most fish simply cannot resist the temptation of a delicious worm! As a result, fishing using worms is one of the most successful techniques used by experienced fishers.

This is cheap, and one of the best fishing baits used today. The sweet taste of the sweetcorn helps catch a variety of different fish. You can change the colour of sweetcorn to try and attract different fish. If you decide to take a tin of sweetcorn with you, just remember to take a tin opener!

Best landing net

Perhaps the most important part of fishing is to bring in your freshly caught fish. You’ve been patient and hooked your fish, now you need to bring it in. The easiest way to do this is by using a net. The best landing net should be made of safety mesh material, as this will help to prevent causing any unnecessary damage to the fish. Often, getting your fish to the bank can be the hardest part. You can get landing nets in all shapes and sizes, but the best landing net for beginners should be large, not allowing your freshly caught fish to escape.

Beginner fishing gear: what to wear to protect yourself

Nosilife 3-in-1 jacket

Put off going fishing by the thought of being pestered by insects? Put aside your fears and protect yourself with insect repellent clothing, a recommended part of a beginner’s fishing kit. Stay protected and keep all your accessories safe with a NosiLife Adventure Gilet. With handy pockets and built-in protection from mozzies – it should be on your beginner’s fishing gear list. Our NosiLife technology has been designed to provide you with mosquito repellent clothing that lasts.

Wherever in the world you decide to go fishing, your clothes will safeguard you from biting insects. The only concern you’ll have about insects now is whether or not you remembered to bring your maggots and worms!


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