How do you define Adventure?

We all have varying ideas of what adventure means to us – from walking a different way to work to climbing Everest, adventures come in all shapes and sizes. This week, Shell from Get Out With the Kids is here to offer handy tips on where to explore… 

So what are adventures? Well, to us, they are a chance to get outside, explore, and discover places. A place to de-stress and go wild!

You could be climbing a mountain or simply chasing a butterfly across a meadow. It’s all about having fun as a family!

Snowdon Adventure

Climbing Mount Snowdon has been on the bucket list for a few years, so with a free weekend and a good forecast, we jumped at the chance to fulfil a dream and discover this mountain.

I imagined us to be climbing a mountain in hats, gloves, coats, but with the sun beating down on us and the effort of climbing we soon worked up a sweat!

The views along the route were just breathtaking, with mountains dominating the skyline and lakes glistening in the sunshine.

We wanted to enjoy the experience, particularly for Tom our youngest, so we took plenty of breaks along the way for chocolate and view admiring.

It’s not called a mountain for nothing; it was a challenging climb to the summit.

There were points that Tom wanted to give up, but he pushed on and faced the challenge.

The feeling when we reached the summit was overwhelming well worth every step of the seven-hour hike. Discovering mountains is a serious business, and it has given us a little taste of the world of mountains, and we would love to explore more.

Northumberland Adventure

From Snowdonia to the wild county of Northumberland, with historic sites and vast landscapes to explore.

A walk through an ancient woodland with over 300+ types of mosses, liverworts and lichens took us to the enchanting Harreshaw Linn waterfall.

This place felt magical, so green and lush even, in the pouring rain!

A popular place to visit in Northumberland is Kielder Water and Forest Park. The area is a huge place to explore, so to see as much of it as possible we hired some bikes and cycled around the water shore taking in views and finding sculptures along the trail.

We couldn’t visit Northumberland without discovering a bit of its history. Finding a bit of Hadrian’s wall was next on the agenda. Sadly there isn’t much left of it now, but we did manage to find a few remaining stones!

Shropshire Hills Adventure

You often find your best adventures on your doorstep.

We are lucky to live in the beautiful county of Shropshire, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with a rich and varied landscape.

With views to admire and hills to conquer it is a walkers heaven. If we’re looking for a stroll to get some fresh air and stretch our legs, the hills are where we head.

We usually take a picnic with us, fly a kite, paddle in the streams and watch the wild ponies grazing on the hillside. Whatever the season the hills and views are captivating, a place to escape and feel alive.

Three very different adventures but all with the same ethos to get outside and discover!


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