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Fav mid-week tipple (NM only)?

It’s got to be Faith. There are some beers that are just meant to be. What Brian (our Head Brewer) has created in Faith is the best of progressive modern beer, for me. At 5.4% I can have one or two mid-week and still feel like my appetite for hops has been satiated or I can be in a good pub and drink 4 or 5 without feeling like I’m missing out on the numerous other beers on the board. The combination of Citra and mosaic, a malt bill of oats, super pale malt and a yeast strain that kicks out lots of tropical esters leads to a hazy, soft, tropical beer – a taste of sunshine, fresh from the North.

Where did the name Northern Monk come from? 

Initially, we felt it just sounded cool. Over the years we’ve unpacked that and reflected on why we think it sounds cool and gives us meaning. First and foremost, we’re super passionate about the North and all that it means to be from this part of the world. For us, that’s a sense of community that manifests in many ways, including the Patrons Projects which celebrate the best of the North. The Monk is a nod to the thousands of years of brewing Monks have led at the heart of their communities in the UK and beyond.

First NM beer you’d recommend a newbie to taste?

It’s got to be Faith. As above!

Name a beer and snack combination eaten together that is underrated  

Great question. I’m not sure if it is underrated but beer and cheese is probably top of the tier. A really good IPA pairs well with a pretty robust cheese like a strong cheddar or even a stilton for me, the tropical flavours cut through and highlight the best of the cheese character. The other end of things is dark chocolate and an imperial stout, they’re similar flavours but complement each other really well.

If Craghoppers had a beer – what would it be?

Something super session-able, (suitable for a mountain top refreshment) but with good body and character. In the same vein as Striding Edge probably. Let’s talk!


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