The Caspian Challenge


The Caspian Challenge: To kayak all 2,300 miles of the Volga River in Russia – solo and self-supported. An epic endeavour that aims to raise at least £1 a mile for Hope and Homes for Children.

Laura Kennington decided quite soon into the challenge that she’d be doing it self-supported, so she’s had to carefully research where she can resupply food and work out what sections she needs to be extra wary of. She’s also had to be really strict with the kit that’s allowed to go with her as she’s carrying everything she needs for the challenge (including camping supplies) on her 16ft TRAK Kayak. With minimalist packing in mind, the Nosilife clothing from Craghoppers was top of her list.

“The more research I did, the more I heard horror stories of the mosquitos along the Volga River. For a few particularly gruesome weeks they are ‘in season’ and swarm in overwhelming numbers. It therefore made most sense to take clothes that provide both insect repellent and UV protection. When space is at a premium, it’s all about the items that multitask!”

Part of her motivation for undertaking this huge challenge was to raise money for Hope & Homes for Children.

“I have no doubt that the 3 months on the extraordinary Volga river will test me beyond anything I’ve yet experienced. However, when things do get tough, I’ll try to remind myself to keep things in perspective. I’m so proud to raise money for Hope & Homes for Children because I think a loving and supportive family is probably something that so many of us take for granted but it’s something that no child should ever be denied. With an aim of raising £1 for each mile, I hope to make each mile count.”

Laura will be flying out to Russia on 19th May and you can follow her progress on her website.


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