Alice Morrison’s Winter Adventure

This month (December 2021) we are supporting Alice Morrison writer, film maker, photographer and adventurer on a 675km expedition crossing the whole Kingdom of Jordan from North to South.

Usually accompanied by camels on her previous adventures, this time, she will be hiking with her guide, Munthir, carrying her own rucksack and camping along the way.

Alice plans to complete this in 35 days, taking into account one rest on Christmas Day, when she hopes to have arrived in the magnificent city of Petra.

She will need to negotiate high mountain ranges and pass through tiny traditional villages in the north, face dangers in the wadis of the south, to finally follow in Lawrence of Arabia’s footsteps to Wadi Rum and Aqaba.

As Alice would say – risk and adventure go hand in hand and there are always dangers on the trails.

Little did she know that after the first 25km and just 1km to go before setting up camp, she would encounter her first danger.

Alice’s guide had warned her that dogs in Jordan can be aggressive and his simple advice was . ‘If they come close then you have to take a stone and threaten to throw it. If they come really close then throw it to the side of them.’

So when they saw a small pack of shepherd dogs barking threateningly and moving towards them, Alice was on alert. Fortunately two were chained and three were free and Munthir did exactly as he had said, moving ahead of Alice and throwing stones to the side of the dogs. It was when Alice screamed involuntarily, they realised one had gone silently around the back of Alice and bite her right calf.

Fortunately, everything moved quickly and Alice was taken to hospital for all the necessary jabs and treatment, except that they wouldn’t sew it up due to risk of infection.

Alice has been resting and waiting for her wound to heal and is hoping to resume her trek on Sunday 12th December. We will be following her progress on social and wishing her luck every step of the way.


For more information from the lady herself:


Podcast: Alice in Wanderland

Twitter/Tik Tok: aliceoutthere1

Instagram: aliceoutthere1

Facebook: Alice Hunter Morrison Adventures


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